Grants and Relationships

Current Grants

  1. Forensic Analysis and Retrofit of an Aged Infiltration Trench Stormwater Control Measure (SCM). Awarded to Drs. Komlos, Traver, Wadzuk and Welker.
  2. Performance-based specifications for Asphalt Mixtures. Awarded to Dr. McCarthy by the NCHRP Synthesis Project 20-05, Topic 46-03.
  3. State Safety Practices for Local Agencies. Awarded to Dr. Park by the NCHRP Synthesis Project 20-05/Topic 46-07.
  4. An Integrated Vegetated Roof and Solar Charge People Hub. Awarded to Dr. Wadzuk by EPA Urban Waters Small Grants.
  5. Partnerships for Innovation: Building Innovation Capacity in Smart Stormwater Green Infrastructure Services. Awarded to Drs. Wadzuk, Traver and Gehlot by NSF PFI BIC.
  6. Philadelphia's Clean Water Initiative. Awarded to Drs. Traver, Wadzuk, Welker and Clayton by EPA.
  7. Watershed Protection Application: Target Sub-Watershed Cluster Implementation. Awarded to Dr. Welker by William Penn Foundation.
  8. FHWA Comprehensive Truck Size & Weight Limits Study. Awarded to Dr. McCarthy.
  9. Developing a Performance-Related Specification Program for Rhode Island. Awarded to Dr. McCarthy by RI DOT (Sub)
  10. Optimal Balance of Infiltration-Evapotranspiration for Vegetated SCMs. Awarded to Drs. Wadzuk, Welker, and Traver by Pa DEP Grants Center.
  11. Rain Garden Configuration to Maximize Hydrologic Performance. Awarded by PADEP to Dr. Traver and Dr. Welker.
  12. Supporting Green Infrastructure in the Philadelphia Region. Awarded by William Penn Foundation to Dr. Welker and Dr. Traver.
  13. Distributed on-farm bioenergy, biofuels and biochemicals development and production. Funded to Dr. Satrio and Dr. Coe by DOE-BRDI program, as part of a 14-institution consortium led by ARS USDA in Wyndmoor, PA. 
  14. Investigation of enhanced energy storage materials (nanoenhancement). Awarded by the National Science Foundation to Dr. Fleischer.
  15. Implementation and Evaluation of a Stormwater Best Management Practices in Series. Awarded by PADEP Growing Greener, 2011-2013, to Drs. Wadzuk, Welker, and Traver.
  16. Prediction of Evapotranspiration from Vegetated Stormwater Control Measure. Awarded by PADEP Growing Greener, 2012-2014 to Drs. Wadzuk, Welker, and Traver.
  17. National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) Project 04-39. Awarded to Drs. McCarthy and Welker by Tri Environmental. (Sub)
  18. National Monitoring Site Program (319 grants): This proposal is to continue the National Monitoring Site Program for the period of 1 Oct 2013 – 30 September 2015.  This grant creates the foundation for long term research in the VUSP focus area that addresses issues of importance to Pennsylvania’s non point source pollution program, and attracts research from outside Pennsylvania PaDEP and EPA region III, greatly leveraging the 319 program commitment.  

External/Internal Relationships

Research projects in the environmental engineering focus area have been sponsored by industry (Organica Inc., American Refining and Biochemical, Brown and Caldwell), local (Philadelphia Water Department), state (PA Department of Environmental Protection, Ben Franklin Technology Partners), and federal government agencies (EPA, NSF, US Geological Survey). In addition, the group has collaborated with local non-profit organizations, such as Chester, Ridley, Crum (CRC) Watershed Association to address local environmental challenges.

Past and current outside grants to VUSP include the William Penn Foundation, NSF, PA DEP, Penn DOT, CICEET, EPA Office of Water, and funding from the VUSP corporate partners.  None of these grants would have been possible without this commitment.  It should also be noted that the research direction for the sites under study is developed with the input of the VUSP Partners.