VCASE Research Areas

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EE&RE) 

Lead: Dr. Aaron Wemhoff  View bio
Alt Lead: Dr. Calvin Li View bio

Research into increased efficiency solar electric and thermal devices. Modeling and experimental analysis of renewable energy systems. Modeling and experimental analysis of distributed and smart energy systems and devices.
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Biomass Resources and Conversion Technologies (BRCT)

Lead: Dr. Justinus Satrio View bio
Alt Lead: Dr. Michael Smith View bio

Research focus in the BRCT initiative relates to the development of sustainable processes for producing energy, fuels, and chemicals derived from biorenewable materials, particularly biomass. The overall goal of this initiative is to provide sustainable technologies for utilization of biorenewable materials to produce products that have been typically derived from non-renewable materials, such as fossil fuels.
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Environmental (ENV)

Lead: Dr. Metin Duran  View bio
Alt Lead: Dr. Wenqing Xu View bio

The research focus regarding the Environmental Engineering initiative of VCASE relates to understanding and treating sources of contamination (i.e. pathogens, excess nutrients and metals) that result from the built environment. The overall goal of this initiative is to provide the knowledge and mechanisms required for contaminant abatement as it pertains to sustainable development.
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Sustainable Infrastructure and Materials (SIM)

Lead: Dr. Leslie Myers McCarthy View bio
Alt Lead: Dr. Seri Park View bio

The research of Sustainable Infrastructure and Materials group is focused on improving conditions and increasing the durability of infrastructure components in a sustainable context. Part of this research can be done through advanced work related to both cement- and asphalt-based materials and identifying sustainable properties. In addition, transportation policies related to encouraging sustainability in infrastructure and facilitating their application at the State and local level are also being explored.
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Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership (VUSP)

Lead: Dr. Bridget Wadzuk View bio
Alt Lead: Dr. Virginia Smith View bio

The mission of the Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership is to advance the evolving field of sustainable stormwater management and to foster the development of public and private partnerships through research.
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Sustainable Structures (SST)

Lead: Dr. Eric Musselman View Bio

Research initiatives within this group focus on extensive testing of new materials to determine their response to short term and long term loads, as well as their durability under environmental effects; developing materials from waste products to improve the performance and sustainability of structural systems; structural testing to evaluate and optimize the performance of novel building and infrastructure components and systems.
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VCASE Focus Areas
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VCASE Focus Areas
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