2017 VCASE Research Overview Seminar

On March 17th, 2017, VCASE will be hosting its annual research overview seminar. The session will include presentations from faculty members and graduate students followed by a Q and A. It will be held in CEER 001 from 11 AM until 12:30 PM followed by poster session. There will be pizza at the end of the meeting. 


Dr. Robert Traver – VCASE Overview

Dr. Seri Park and Sean Coffey
Focus on Sustainable Infrastructure Materials Research
Student’s presentation title - "Holistic Approach for Part-Time Shoulder Lane Effects".

Dr. Metin Duran and Kai Ding
Focus on Environmental Engineering Research
Student’s presentation title – “Reactivity of Carbon”

Dr. Virginia Smith and Samantha Butwill
Focus on Stormwater Infrastructure and Management Research
Student’s presentation title - “Working with VUSP: A Graduate Student’s Perspective”

Dr. Justinus Satrio and Roozbeh Seifollahy
Focus on Biomass Resources and Conversion Technologies Research
Student’s presentation title - "Improving the quality of bio oil by using catalytic fast pyrolysis approach"

Dr. Aaron Wemhoff and Zenghao Zhu
Focus on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Research
Student’s presentation title – “From red blood cells to super lubrication”

Dr. Ross Lee and Madelyn Spinner
Focus on Sustainable Engineering Program and Research
Student’s presentation title – "Optimization of anaerobic digestion and hydrothermal conversion of wastes to provide maximum STEEP benefits"

Dr. Virginia Smith will also give a brief overview of the Minor in Sustainability Studies program.

Poster session will be held in CEER 001 lobby.