CENDAC - Areas of Research and Related Facilities

Advanced Control Theory and Applications

Large-scale systems; hierarchical nonlinear switching control; hybrid and impulsive control for nonlinear systems; thermodynamic modeling and control of mechanical and aerospace systems

Automotive Research Laboratory

Powertrain and emissions control; catalyst modeling and identification and control; knock control; ionization probes; exhaust gas smart sensors; air/fuel ratio control/cyclic and stochastic analysis

Biomedical Engineering

Mathematical modeling and systems analysis techniques for biological systems; development of biofuel technology; engineering microorganisms to produce biofuels such as higher alcohols and hydrogen

Biomedical Systems Modeling and Diagnostics

Medical diagnostics – cardiovascular diagnostics, periventricular leukolamacia, computational intelligence, pediatric ICU; brain EEG modeling and signal analysis – FFT, continuous wavelet analysis, discrete wavelet analysis, nonlinear dynamics, stochastic modeling; mathematical modeling and systems analysis techniques for biological systems

Dynamic Systems

Nonlinear dynamical system theory; magnetic bearings; rotor dynamics; gear dynamics; unmanned systems; robot dynamics; smart valves; design optimization; nonlinear frequency response analysis; biomedical systems; social systems; battery and fuel cell systems

Image-Based Controls

Image-based modeling and control for scanning probe microscopes; image-based trajectory estimation; image-based dynamic compensation; piezoelectric positioners

Innovations in Robotics

Robotic locomotion; biped robot; spherical robots; sting-ray robot; exoskeleton; smart material actuators; rapid prototyping/automatic code generation; ad hoc networks for mobile agents.

Mechatronic Systems

Vision-based measurement; Instrumentation for modeling and control; unmanned vehicles; novel vision sensors

Networks for Control Systems

Rapid prototyping of networked autonomous robots; Networks for distributed control systems; Load-balanced routing in wireless ad hoc networks; Performance analysis and optimization of network systems

Nonlinear Stochastic Dynamical Systems

Swarm Robotics; energy localization in coupled MEMS oscillators; vibration energy harvesting; nonlinear dynamics of nanoelectromechanical systems; modeling of biological signals

Unmanned Surface and Underwater Vehicles

Coordinated multi-agent control; computationally efficient and integrated obstacle avoidance, trajectory planning, and trajectory tracking subject to underactuated system constraints; ship to ship control; high sea state simulation


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  • To conduct fundamental and applied research in the areas of nonlinear dynamics and control.
  • To apply advanced theoretical and experimental techniques to solve real world problems.
  • To promote and foster strong interdisciplinary research at Villanova capitalizing on our collegial atmosphere.
  • To aid in the educational process of our undergraduate and graduate students by encouraging and funding their involvement in the research projects.
  • To develop and transfer technology to the industry consistent with the industry's needs and vision ultimately enhancing their competitiveness.