CENDAC - Faculty

Hashem Ashrafiuon, Ph.D.

Hashem Ashrafiuon, Ph.D.  View bio

Research: Sliding Mode Control, Control System Design for SMA Actuators, Analysis/Control of Cable-Suspended Systems, Kinematics and Control of Robots

Garrett M. Clayton, Ph.D.

Garrett M. Clayton, Ph.D.  View bio

Research: Instrumentation and Control for Nanotechnologies, Image-based Control of Scanning Probe Microscopes,
High-speed Scanning Probe Microscopy for Bio/Nanotechnologies

Zuyi (Jacky) Huang

Zuyi (Jacky) Huang  View bio

Research: Smathematical modeling and systems analysis techniques for biological systems; biofuel generation

 Verica Radisavljevic-Gajic, Ph.D.

Verica Radisavljevic-Gajic, Ph.D.  View bio

Research: HIV infection (optimal control of medication for different stages of the disease), Cell Signaling (modeling of Calcium signaling pathways), Car Suspension system control.

Sarvesh Kulkarni, Ph.D.

Sarvesh Kulkarni, Ph.D.  View bio

Research: Rapid Prototyping of Networked Autonomous Robots, Networks for Distributed Control Systems, Load-Balanced Routing in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks, Performance Analysis of Network Systems and Optimization of Operating Parameters, Quality of Service

C. "Nat" Nataraj, Ph.D.

C. "Nat" Nataraj, Ph.D.  View bio

Research: Unamnned Systems, Nonlinear Dynamics, Rotor Dynamics, Magnetic Bearing, Prognostics, Robotics, Vibration

Sergey G. Nersesov, Ph.D.

Sergey G. Nersesov, Ph.D.  View bio

Research: Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Control Theory, Hybrid and Impulsive Systems, Large-Scale Systems, System Thermodynamics, Thermodynamic Modeling of Aerospace Systems,
Biological/Physiological Systems

James C. Peyton Jones

James C. Peyton Jones, Ph.D.  View bio

Research: Nonlinear Dynamics, Nonlinear Frequency Response Analysis, Automotive Powertrain Modeling, Control & Diagnostics, Exhaust Aftertreatment Modeling, Control & Diagnostics

Center for Nonlinear Dynamics & Control at Villanova University
Center for Nonlinear Dynamics & Control at Villanova University
Center for Nonlinear Dynamics & Control at Villanova University