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Undergraduate Recruitment

Spring 2010

VCASE Lecture Series

“Engineering Sustainable Water Resources Solutions” Two speakers: Erik Rourke and Mike Bartles, both from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

"Developing Sustainable Technology” with guest lecturer Dr. Jo Dewulf, Professor of Environmental and Clean Technology, Ghent University, Belgium

The Franklin Institute Symposia
Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Symposium - Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Introduction to symposium followed by
Frank H. Harlow, PhD, Los Alamos National Laboratory
A Lifetime of Turbulence & CFD (video presentation)

Gretar Tryggvason, PhD, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
CFD at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Akshai Runchal, PhD, ACRi, Inc
The Emergence of CFD at Imperial College: A Personal Perspective

D. Brian Spalding, PhD, CHAM, Ltd.
Benjamin Franklin and CFD

Luigi Martinelli, PhD, Princeton University
CFD in Aeronautics: A Historical Perspective

Charles Taylor, PhD, Stanford University
CFD in Cardiovascular Systems

Philip Marcus, PhD, University of California at Berkeley
CFD in Planetary Sciences

Jayathi Y. Murthy, PhD, Purdue University
Modeling and Simulation of Multiscale, Multiphysics Systems

Thomas B. Gatski, PhD, Institut Pprime, Université de Poitiers (France) CCPO - Old Dominion University (USA)
Modeling and Probing Turbulent Flows with CFD