Steps for Posting an Event on the Engineering and University Homepages

  1. Check the Engineering homepage events calendar to be sure that the event has not yet been posted.
  2. Email all event information -- in an email or a Word document is fine -- to, including:
    1. Title of Event
    2. Contact Information using a departmental email account, i.e., and or sponsor
    3. Date of Event
    4. Time
    5. Location
    6. Registration Information including RSVP information, if needed.
    7. Images relating to the event
    8. Supporting Word document or PDF only if it is different from what is in the event announcement.  This is in case a change needs to be made to the event, the document will not need to be replaced in the Event Management System.
    9. Indicate if you would like your event posting on the University homepage as well.
  3. Once this information is entered into the Event Management System, you will receive an email asking you to click to the event information and verify that what is in the system is correct and/or report any changes needed.
  4. The event is live within five minutes of the submission so it is important that the details of the event are verified as soon as you receive the email with the link

Feel free to contact with any questions.  Thank you.