Electrical Engineering Research and Facilities

Primary electrical engineering research areas for faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering:

  • Through the wall radar imaging
  • Nanostructured, high efficiency low cost solar cells
  • Advanced dc-dc converters
  • Advanced emission control algorithms for engines
  • Advanced antenna design
  • Photonic fiber sensors
  • Digital Watermarking and information hiding
  • Pin diode modeling


Laboratory Room Coordinator(s)
Advanced Electronics CEER 204 Dr. Mark Jupina
Antenna Anechoic Chamber CEER 211 Dr. Ahmad Hoorfar
Antenna Research CEER 213 Dr. Ahmad Hoorfar
Autonomous Systems CEER 114 Dr. James Peyton- Jones
Control and Dynamic Systems CEER 112 Dr. Stephen Konyk
Digital Systems and Microprocessors CEER 206 Dr. Edward Kresch / 
Prof. Edward Char
Electronics CEER 208 Dr. Frank DiMeo / 
Prof. Charles McKeough
Lightwave Devices CEER 007 Dr. Rosalind Wynne
Microcontrollers CEER 212 Dr. Mark Jupina and Professor James Harris
Microwave Electromagnetics CEER 214 Dr. Robert Caverly
Signal Processing CEER 307 Dr. Kevin Buckley
Solid State Devices CEER 110 Dr. Mark Jupina / 
Dr. Pritpal Singh
Wireless Communications and RFID CEER 305 Dr. Moeness Amin

Visit each lab’s web page for research and facility highlights.

Recent thesis topics:

Design and Modeling of Synchronous Bi-directional PWM DC-DC Buck-Boost Converter Operating in CCM

Instructional Laboratories Provide:

•  Design and simulation of concepts
•  Systems in digital signal processing and
   telecommunications using the latest DSP

Research Facilities Conduct Research in:

•  Electronic devices and circuits
•  Microprocessor systems
•  Audio
•  Signal processing
•  Control and robotics
•  VLSI design
•  Solid state devices
•  Digital systems design
   and microwave integrated circuits