Environmental Protection

A concentration in Environmental Protection in the Chemical Process Industries, administered by the Department of Chemical Engineering, is available to students matriculating in the College of Engineering. A graduate student interested in the Environmental Protection certificate should apply to a specific engineering department. Once accepted into the College of Engineering graduate program, they should contact the Department of Chemical Engineering regarding this Certificate.

The Certificate program in Environmental Protection is a concentration of courses introducing the fundamentals of environmental protection as applied in the Chemical Process Industries. Coursework includes the study of waste management, pollution abatement and control, and advanced separation processes.

The Environmental Protection Certificate consists of the following four courses:

A student may start the sequence at any time, take the courses in any order, and complete the certificate program in more than two years. Students with a grade point average of 3.00 or above in these four courses will receive a certificate indicating the successful completion of the Environmental Protection in the Chemical Process Industries Certificate.