Tuition, Fees and Financial Aid

Payment of Tuition

Tuition payment is due no later than the first day of class. This requirement applies to all students, including those who register too late to receive a bill. Students may also register and pay at walk-in registration. To complete the registration process, advance registered students must pay their accounts by the first day of class or they are subject to a later registration and late payment fee.

Graduate Program Rates 2015 - 2016

  Per Credit Rate
General Fees
Per Semeste
Graduate School    
   Arts $750 $50
   Religious Studies Courses $600 $50
   Sciences $750 $50
   Nursing $837 $50
   Nursing - PhD Program $1,049 $50
   Engineering $1,210 $50
   Villanova M.B.A Flex Track $935 $50
   The Villanova M.B.A Fast Track $1,060 $50
   Law - Tax $1,080 None

If you are enrolled in or are taking courses in another college/division, please check the appropriate catalog for rates. Registration or the release of academic records cannot be completed until all financial obligations have been settled with the Bursar's Office.

Consider This

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Current VU undergrad applying to a B.S./M.S. Program?

If you are a current VU student applying to a B.S./M.S. Program, you must complete the online application and submit the required documents: Resume, Transcript, Statement of Purpose and two Recommendations.