The Mechanical Engineering Department laboratories provide an environment where students reinforce their understanding of the fundamental principles of Mechanical Engineering and apply that knowledge in experimental analysis and problem-solving. Facilities range from instructional laboratories for introductory manufacturing concepts, to dynamic systems equipment for senior projects, to general purpose labs for faculty, graduate, and undergraduate research. A few of the facilities are shown below. All are used in the undergraduate instructional program. Many are also used for research and student projects.

Small Engine
Small Engine test: Students disassemble and reassemble engines such as this one.
Steam turbine-generator
Steam turbine-generator: Small scale version of a complete power plant.
Wind Tunnel
Wind Tunnel, 2 ft x 2 ft test section, wind speeds to 120 mph.
Combustor, gas fired, energy and emission studies.

Current Research Projects Include:

•  manufacturing processes
•  thermodynamics
•  engine testing
•  vibration
•  stress
•  heat transfer
•  fluid mechanics.