Electro-Mechanical Systems Certificate

The Electro-Mechanical Systems Certificate develops a core framework for engineers concerned with the design, implementation, control and operation of Electro-Mechanical systems. Engineering aspects of such systems may include modeling, simulation, instrumentation, compensation and control. A blend of required and elective courses from the electrical and mechanical engineering disciplines provides a flexible framework for participants to design a curriculum that targets their particular needs and interests.

Certificate Requirements

The Electro-Mechanical Systems Certificate requires a total of five courses as follows: (1) ECE 8320 or ME 8203; (2) at least one course from Electrical and Computer engineering; (3) at least one course from Mechanical Engineering. Other restrictions are mentioned below.

Required Courses: (Choose one from the following list)

Elective Courses: (Choose four courses from the following list)



* Only one of these courses may be counted toward the Electro-Mechanical Systems Certificate.

** This course will be accepted only if the topic is related to the Electro-Mechanical Systems Certificate.

For More Information

For additional information on this certificate contact: ECE Department's Graduate Program Phone: 610-519-4228, email: gradadm@ece.villanova.edu, web: Electrical and Computer Engineering website 

ME Department's Graduate Program Phone: 610-519-4981, email:gradme@villanova.edu, web: Mechanical Engineering website

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