Electrical and Computer Engineering Research and Facilities

Electrical and Computer Engineering Research and Facilities

Ongoing research areas for faculty in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering:

  • Advanced antenna design
  • Advanced Computer and Mobile Networks
  • Advanced dc-dc converters
  • Advanced emission control algorithms for engines
  • Digital hardware and FPGA security
  • Electrical communications
  • Microgrids
  • Nanostructured, high efficiency low cost solar cells
  • Photonic fiber sensors
  • Pin diode modeling
  • Through the wall radar imaging


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Current Research Grants:

Strategies for Co-existence of Radio Telescope Arrays with Broadcast Stations and Wireless Communication Systems.” $650,000, Dr. Moeness Amin

“Mitigation of Undesirable Association Behaviors of Mobile Devices with Public WiFi Networks.” $80,000, Drs. Sarvesh Kulkarni and Vijay Gehlot

“Base-Station Multi-Antenna PIM testing in the AWS and PCS frequency bands.” $6,330, Dr. Ahmad Hoorfar