Interdisciplinary Plan of Study

Students pursuing an MSCE degree may elect to develop an Interdisciplinary Plan of Study that combines two of the CEE Department’s five disciplines:

Students in the interdisciplinary program normally hold a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering or its equivalent. The student’s Plan of Study can be tailored to meet her/her professional needs and interests. However, the student must justify his/her Plan of Study as an academically legitimate sequence of courses that will lead to a “mastery” of two civil engineering disciplines. The Plan of Study will typically consist of core courses in the two disciplines and additional courses that provide some combination of breadth and depth within the two disciplines. The course requirements of an interdisciplinary program limit the student’s opportunity to extend his/her course selections beyond the two civil engineering disciplines. Interdisciplinary students may elect to follow a MS thesis track.

Additional Information

The department has formalized an interdisciplinary program that combines Environmental Engineering and Water Resources Engineering.

MSCE students who elect to combine these two disciplines must fulfill the same degree requirements as MSWREE students.

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