Research Projects

The geotechnical research performed at Villanova ranges from purely geotechnical to interdisciplinary. These research projects often include field, laboratory, and mathematical modeling components. Several research projects on prefabricated vertical drains (PVDs) have been completed or are ongoing. In addition, geotechnical expertise is needed for the research projects that are part of the Villanova Urban Stormwater Partnership (VUSP). Since 1999 the following geotechnical research projects have been completed or are currently underway:

  • Evaluation of equivalent diameter formulations for PVD's using flow rates
  • Evaluation of the impact of homogeneities on PVD remediation systems
  • Design of an experimental program to evaluate the use of soluble silica to mitigate liquefaction risk
  • Development of the PVD Permeameter
  • Evaluation and Restoration of 80 Year Old Seepage Pits
  • Evaluation of Water Quality at a Pervious Concrete Infiltration BMP
  • Comparison of Pervious Concrete and Porous Asphalt for use in an Infiltration BMP

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