Geotechnical Engineering

Students interested in geotechnical engineering develop inter-disciplinary programs that combine geotechnical graduate courses with courses in transportation, water resources, environmental, and structural engineering. Dr. Edward Glynn and Dr. Andrea Welker have prepared some sample plans of study for both full and part time students to demonstrate how the geotechnical courses can be combined with the areas described above.



All of the geotechnical courses are offered in the evenings to accommodate both full and part time students. All of these courses have undergraduate Soil Mechanics (or equivalent) as a prerequisite. These courses are also open to undergraduates in Villanova’s CEE program provided the student meets the criteria outlined in the course catalog. Undergraduates could take these courses as a Technical Elective, Free Elective, or as part of the combined BS/MS program.


Students pursuing full time study typically perform research that culminates in the submission of a thesis. Geotechnical master’s students have performed or are currently performing research on equivalent diameter formulations for prefabricated vertical drains and best management practices (BMPs) on Villanova’s campus.

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