Masters Programs

Civil Masters Programs

Our programs maintain a balance between theory and application, stress modern engineering methods for the solution of detailed and complex problems and emphasizes the concept of analysis and design coupled with engineering judgment.

Masters Programs

Degree Requirements

To earn the MSCE degree, the candidate would normally hold a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) degree from an ABET accredited program or its equivalent. A candidate is eligible to pursue the MSWREE degree provided he/she can present evidence of proficiency in mathematics, basic science, and engineering science. See the Department Admission Requirements page for more details.

A minimum of 30 earned semester credits of graduate work is required, and a minimum of 21 graduate credits must be in Civil and Environmental Engineering courses.

A Plan of Study must be approved by the advisor and chairperson prior to the completion of the student's initial semester of graduate study. For approval, the plan must indicate a topical focus and direction commensurate with a master's program. Guided by his/her advisor, a student may select a Plan of Study consisting of:

  • thirty earned credits of graduate courses
  • a thesis track consisting of twenty-one earned credits of graduate courses, a three-credit research/investigation course and a six-credit thesis
  • twenty-seven earned credits of graduate courses, and a three credit research/investigation course.

Students are encouraged, but not required, to write a Master's thesis.

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