Geology and Measurements Lab

Geology and Measurements Lab

The Geology and Measurements Laboratory provides a setting for students to study both geology and geotechnical engineering. It houses:

  • collections of minerals and rock specimens
  • topographic maps
  • geologic maps
  • aerial photographs
  • photographic slides
  • reference materials.

A room adjacent to the laboratory provides space to store equipment used for class demonstrations and fieldwork.

The Geology and Measurements Laboratory is primarily a teaching facility and is well suited for students to use the tables for their design exercises. It can accommodate a total of 48 students at 24 tables.

The students have work areas for:

  • examining specimens
  • studying maps
  • preparing in-class assignments

Major exercises for CEE 2602 include:

  • Interpretation of topographic maps
  • Drawing of topographic cross sections
  • Introduction to the use of engineering transits
  • Interpretation of stereographic aerial photographs
  • Construction of a model truss
  • Highway route alignment

Laboratory exercises for GLY 2805 include:

  • Identification of minerals
  • Identification of rocks
  • Interpretation of a seismogram from the 1964 Alaskan earthquake
  • Landform interpretation from topographic maps
  • Landform interpretation from stereographic aerial photographs

Courses Meeting Here

Three courses meet in this laboratory and include hands on exercises:

• CEE 2602 Civil Engineering Measurements
• GLY 2805 Geology for Engineers
• Both CEE 4801, Foundation Design, and CEE 3801, Soil Mechanics, have classes that use this room because it is dual-purpose room - used for both labs and lectures.