Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering

Villanova University's Master of Science in Chemical Engineering program is intended to supplement the education of full-time practicing chemical engineers. The curriculum is built around a core of chemical engineering fundamentals and is designed to provide a mastery of key subjects including:

  • Chemical Engineering Reactors
  • Separation Processes I, II
  • Thermodynamics
  • Heat Transfer
  • Fluid Dynamics
  • Process Design

The program offers a balance of theory and practice, stressing modern engineering methods for solutions to detailed and complex problems and emphasizing critical thinking and engineering judgment skills. All chemical engineering graduate courses are taught in the evening (2 1/2 hours one night per week) so that working professionals can easily attend and participate. Our E-Learning program provides an opportunity for off-campus learning at your convenience.

Students applying for the MSChE program who do not possess an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering should refer to these admission criteria. Criteria for all graduate programs within the College of Engineering can be found here.

Degree Requirements

The Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (MSChE) program requires:

  • At least 30 credits of course work (10 courses)
  • A minimum of 24 credits from chemical engineering courses
  • At least seven of the chemical engineering courses must be numbered 8000 or higher
  • A maximum of two approved courses outside of chemical engineering may be taken as electives

A maximum of six credits may be replaced by an independent study project, which, if elected, will be guided by a member of the department faculty. Projects may take the form of experimental research, process design, theoretical analysis or a literature survey, and the selected topic is subject to review and approval by the department's graduate committee. Full-time students receiving financial aid are required to complete the six credit research project and prepare a thesis.

Refer to this page for a list of MSChe courses.

Admission Criteria

MSChe applicants must ordinarily possess a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering or have met the standard requirements thereof.

Students who hold a bachelor's degree in a field other than chemical engineering may apply to the program but, if admitted, will be required to take certain undergraduate courses in addition to the program requirements. Refer to the department-specific admission criteria.

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Certificates available from the Department of Chemical Engineering include

•  Biochemical Engineering
•  Environmental Protection

Interdisciplinary Certificates

•  Nonlinear Dynamics and Control
•  Sustainable Engineering

Part-Time and Full-Time Doctoral Program

The Department of Chemical Engineering faculty also participate in the College of Engineering's PhD program leading to a degree in Doctor of Philosophy.

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