M.S. in Sustainable Engineering Research

There is a large amount of sustainable engineering research ongoing at Villanova. This table is meant to show you some of the areas and faculty teams working in the field. If you are interested in pursuing a thesis as part of your MS degree, we will attempt to match your interests with specific faculty projects.

Alfonso Ortega
Gerard Jones
Pritpal Singh
Amy Fleischer
Renewable Energy CoE/ME
Bill Lorenz   Principal Sustainability Fellow CoE/ChE
Randy Weinstein
William Kelly
Dorothy Skaf
Michael Smith
Biomass, Energy and Nanomaterials ChE
Metin Duran
John Komlos
Environment CEE
Leslie McCarthy
Seri Park
Transportation Materials CEE
Robert Traver
Andrea Welker
Bridget Wadzuk
John Komlos
Ronald Chadderton
Watershed Sustainability CEE
Shawn Gross
Joseph Yost
David Dinehart
Structures CEE