Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies

Part-Time and Full-Time Graduate Programs

The Department of Chemical Engineering offers full-time and part-time graduate programs of study leading to the degrees of Master of Science in Chemical Engineering, Master of Science in Biochemical Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) The doctoral program is administered by the College of Engineering. Both Masters programs are administered by the department. The requirements and content of the full-time and part-time masters program are identical.

The curriculum is built around a core of fundamental chemical engineering subjects. Added to the core are advanced fundamental or applied courses best suited to the needs of the individual student. The student selects his/her own course sequence; however, the distribution must conform to written departmental guidelines and be approved by his/her advisor. There is no foreign language requirement.

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Certificates available from the Department of Chemical Engineering include

•  Biochemical Engineering
•  Environmental Protection

Interdisciplinary Certificates

•  Nonlinear Dynamics and Control
•  Sustainable Engineering

Part-Time and Full-Time Doctoral Program

The Department of Chemical Engineering faculty also participate in the College of Engineering's PhD program leading to a degree in Doctor of Philosophy.

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•  Degree Requirements
•  Admission