Thermal Management Laboratory

Villanova’s Thermal Management Laboratory, NovaTherm, addresses issues of research and development in the field of thermal management of electronic devices, components, systems and packaging technologies. The thermal management of electronics is one of the most significant design issues in electronic packaging today as increased device performance creates a higher heat loads in smaller device footprints. Insufficient heat removal leads directly to elevated operating temperatures which in turn leads to reliability issues including catastrophic failure of the device.

Applications are in the fields of advanced microelectronics, biomedical, and aerospace fields. Current active research topics include both experimental and numerical studies such as:

  • Thermal Management of Heat Generating Components in Close Proximity in Free, Forced and Mixed Air Convection
  • Evaluation of a Carbon Fiber Brush Heat Sink and High Conductivity, High Density Graphite Foam in Boiling Heat Transfer
  • Transient Thermal Management of High Power Electronics in Pulse Operation Using Phase Change Materials
  • All-Active Microring Resonating Laser: Thermal Characterization and Design for Thermal Abatement
  • Analysis of the Influence of Die Attach Voiding on the Thermal Resistance of Integrated Circuit Packages
  • Thermal Optimization of Composite Heat Spreader
  • Mitigation and Detection of Thermal Signatures of Naval Unmanned Surface Vehicles
  • Thermal Management of SM Actuation for an Unmanned Surface Vehicle
  • Use of Carbon Nanofibers and Phase Change Materials for Thermal Management

NovaTherm Highlights

Currently, NovaTherm is working on more than a dozen projects with such sponsors as:

  • National Science Foundation
  • Office of Naval Research
  • Pennsylvania Infrastructure Technology Alliance.

NovaTherm, formally established in 2004, draws on the expertise of five Villanova Engineering professors who combined have more than 85 years of experience in the thermal management field. Participating faculty include:

  • Dr. Amy Fleischer
    Lab Director
    Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Alfonso Ortega Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Gerard Jones Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Edward McAssey Mechanical Engineering
  • Dr. Randy Weinstein Chemical Engineering
Thermal Management Laboratory