Supercritical Fluids Laboratory

Director: Randy Weinstein, PhD, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Focus: Development of environmentally benign chemical processes and production of nanomaterials. 

Research Highlights:

  • Utilize supercritical carbon dioxide to create self-assembled monolayers (SAMs) and polymeric films on various metal surfaces for corrosion resistance and electrochemical modifications. 
  • Develop drug delivery devices by implanting various pharmaceuticals into biocompatible polymeric devices as well as chewing gum. 
  • Explore various reactions and nanomaterial synthesis processes in sub- and supercritical carbon dioxide to better understand these unique fluids. 

Facility Highlights:

  • Ten different high pressure reaction vessels (3 mL up to 500 mL), six with visual access through sapphire windows which allow for in situ spectroscopic measurements, and one with a movable piston to allow for solubility measurements through cloud point observation
  • Two hand pumps and four ISCO syringe pumps for pressurization of the vessels up to 7000 psi
  • Cary 50 UV-Vis spectrophotometer
  • Spectrasystem UV3000 HPLC system with autoinjector and UV detector
  • 6890 Agilient Technologies GC with FID and autoinjector with 100 sample trays

Contact Information

Dr. Randy Weinstein, Professor of Chemical Engineering and Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
CEER Room 303
(610) 519-4954