Why Villanova Graduate Engineering?

Why Villanova Graduate Engineering?

Few decisions in life will affect your life so profoundly as the decision to attain an advanced degree. The degree you earn is both a step toward personal and professional fulfillment and a representation of hard work and dedication. Villanova University provides the foundation to attain your goals and advance your career by enriching your knowledge and skills. Our challenging curriculum and distinguished faculty will help you think differently, reach farther, and work harder. Your reward for this effort is a degree that sets you apart — a degree of professional excellence.

The programs in the College of Engineering blend academic theory and real-world knowledge for a unique and outstanding graduate education. The College standards of educational excellence have led to the University's recognition by U.S. News & World Report as the #1 University, master's-level in the North, for the past 15 consecutive years.


Program Strengths

Graduate programs within the College of Engineering build upon the distinctive tradition and national reputation of Villanova University. We offer a superior educational experience for the professional engineer through programs that share these strengths:

  • Balanced Curriculum. Whatever your chosen path, programs are grounded both in research and applications to provide you with a mastery of the principles and applied knowledge to further your career or graduate studies.
  • Real-World Applications. Every program has a strong practical orientation that encourages students to carry the knowledge they gain directly into professional practice.
  • Skill Development. Students also may register for individual graduate courses on a non-matriculated basis or choose to pursue certificate programs to enrich their skills in specific areas without seeking a degree.
  • Research Opportunities. The Ph.D. program is a research emphasis degree, with opportunities to conduct dissertation research in any area of emphasis of the college faculty and research centers. Master's programs have a thesis option for students who wish to conduct research as part of their M.S. degree.
  • Convenience. Classes are offered in the evenings, year-round, and available through distance education to accommodate both part-time and full-time students.
  • Interactive Classes. Faculty members will involve you in discussion, motivate you and highlight connections to real-world applications, providing a rich education experience beyond the pages of any textbook or computer monitor.
  • Guidance. Your advisor, a full-time faculty member, will help you develop a graduate program tailored to meet your individual personal and professional needs.

Distinguished Faculty

You will receive individual attention from scholars with real-world perspectives. All graduate engineering courses are taught by faculty members. Faculty will involve you in discussion, motivate you and highlight connections to real world applications, providing a rich educational experience beyond the pages of any textbook or computer monitor.

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Additional Information

An Active Alumni Network

Engineering alumni are succeeding across the nation and around the globe. The relationships you develop will carry over into your professional life. You will have the opportunity to build a valuable network and alliances for a lifetime. This network is encouraged through an active Engineering Alumni Society. Additionally, many alumni continue their involvement with the College by serving on advisory boards, speaking to students and collaborating on research.

Carl T. Humphrey Award

Each year the College of Engineering presents the Carl T. Humphrey Memorial Award to a distinguished professional who holds a master's degree from the College. Named after the first Dean of the College, the award recognizes professional achievement with emphasis on leadership in administration, management and planning or substantial technical contributions related to the engineering profession. Recipients include John Coscia MSWREE, '80, Executive Director of the Delaware River Regional Planning Commission, and Yongping Gu MME, '89, CEO of Automotive Global Components, Inc., as well as other master's alumni who have become company presidents, consultants, university professors, and distinguished writers.