Fast Facts

Excellence. Innovation. Integrity.

Those are three words that describe the College of Engineering. Below are also some fast facts that make the College of Engineering stand out from other schools -- see for yourself!

  • The middle 50% of our 2013 freshmen scored between 650 and 730 in the Math SAT, and between 590 and 680 in the Critical Reading SAT.
  • 96% of our 2013 freshmen ranked in the top quarter of their high schools.
  • The Class of 2017 consists of students from 25 states, and Puerto Rico as well as 14 countries including Bangladesh, China and Panama.
  • There are approximately 991 full-time undergraduate engineering students, 28% of whom are female.
  • 90% of Fall 2012 freshmen remained in the College of Engineering after their first year.
  • All engineering students are assigned a faculty advisor.
  • Students have the option of graduating with both a Bachelor's and Master's degree within a formal, five year program.
  • Freshmen engineering students follow a core curriculum, with the exception of a discipline-specific requirement taken in the second semester.
  • Freshmen declare their major during the spring of their freshmen year.
  • All classes are taught by faculty.
  • The engineering curriculum consists of at least 18 liberal arts credits.
  • Minors and Concentrations - over 50 minors and concentrations within the Villanova School of Business, the Colleges of Engineering, Liberal Arts & Sciences and Nursing are available for students. In the Class of 2009, 40% graduated with a minor.
  • There are 21 student organizations, including engineering honor societies, student chapters of professional engineering societies, and minority student organizations.
  • International study abroad opportunities continue to expand, providing engineering students with the option of a semester or year abroad.
Fast Facts


Villanova's 254-acre campus in Villanova, Pennsylvania, is tranquil, serene, and beautiful.  Located just 12 miles from the excitement and opportunities in the heart of Philadelphia, and only a train ride away, from the station on campus to the center of the city.

Job Placement Statistics

Class of 2011, six months after graduation:
• Fulltime Employment: 67%
• Graduate/Professional School: 28%
• Other: 5%