Why VSB?

why vsb?

The Villanova School of Business is known for its commitment to teaching excellence, relevant research, academic rigor, superior faculty, state-of-the-art learning facilities, and the integration of ethics and service into curricular and extracurricular experiences.

Innovative Curriculum

Our innovative undergraduate curriculum emphasizes four areas of business excellence: a global mindset, innovation, ethics, and analytics. This cutting-edge curriculum, through the integration of theory and practice, underscores a holistic multi-disciplinary approach that is responsive to the rapidly changing world of business. Business Dynamics, VSB’s freshman core business course, incorporates the Read to Lead program, as well as the first of a four-year Backpack to Briefcase program, into the academic curriculum. In sophomore year, study of finance and accounting is integrated into team-taught Financial Management and Reporting, while examination of marketing and management is combined into the team-taught, project-based Competitive Effectiveness course. The Business Analytics course is an early introduction to the discipline and highlights its critical role in the business paradigm.

Faculty Commitment and the Student Experience

VSB’s talented faculty members are widely recognized for excellence in both teaching and research. They are scholarly leaders and real-world problem solvers, bringing theories to life by incorporating their business experience into the curriculum. Many bring a wealth of practical experience from careers in finance, banking, sales, management, consulting, and beyond. Over 90 percent hold the highest degree in their respective disciplines. With a student-to-faculty ratio of only 15:1, faculty members are easily accessible and classes are small to ensure a personalized academic experience; even core business courses have fewer than 30 students. All courses are taught by professors; there are no graduate teaching assistants at VSB. Our professors are here because they want to teach. They are professional mentors and ethical role models, actively engaging students in a personalized learning environment created to challenge them with high expectations and helping them develop and hone business skills.

Applied Finance Lab

VSB’s Applied Finance Lab is a state-of-the-art financial research and teaching center that creates a dynamic bridge between business theory and business practice. The lab is designed to offer students the same equipment and real-time resources available to Wall Street traders, including 24 Bloomberg stations, Reuters Trade Stations, TraderEx, Wharton Research Data Services, SDC Platinum, and FINCAD. The undergraduate Student Managed Funds course provides students with real-world exposure to a top-down investment strategy and the ability to manage real-dollar capital using the Applied Finance Lab to participate in socially responsible trading.

Student Perspective

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The Clay Center

The Clay Center at VSB serves as a hub of undergraduate program activity and academic advising. Clay Center Celebrity Chefs is one of the many events hosted by the Clay Center. Many faculty join in the festivities to make and serve waffles to our students. The center’s mission is to support and facilitate students’ intellectual, professional, and personal growth and development toward becoming socially responsible members of the global business community. The Clay Center houses both the advising team and the professional development team, which provide students with academic guidance and career and professional programming and opportunities.

Academic Advising

Every VSB undergraduate student works closely with the advising team, consisting of a Clay Center advisor, a peer advisor, and a faculty advisor. Students receive guidance on college transition issues, selecting classes and areas of study, available VSB and university activities, as well as on-campus resources and programs, study abroad planning, and exploring potential career paths. Advisors reach out to incoming freshmen during the summer before students arrive on campus, and continue working with their advisees throughout their four years at VSB.

Career and Professional Development

The professional development team in the Clay Center works collaboratively with faculty, alumni, and the University Career Center to develop and present a wide variety of professional development programs and career exploration opportunities designed to help students select a major, consider career options, and build professional portfolios. Cognizant of the importance of professional experience when applying for jobs upon graduation, the professional development team supports and advises students as they search and prepare for internship and CoOp opportunities, develop their resumes, practice interviewing skills, and participate in networking opportunities. The newly developed Backpack to Briefcase program brings the discussion of professional and career development issues into the classroom.

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Rankings – Among Top 15 in the Nation

VSB is ranked #15 among the top business schools in the nation, according to the 2013 Bloomberg Businessweek ranking. The annual ranking considers academic quality, professional development, business relevance, and student satisfaction. VSB ranked #2 in Overall Academic Quality, and received an A+ student grade for Teaching Quality and an A+ student grade for Job Placement.

VSB Class of 2013 Statistics:

  • 95% have full-time employment
  • 4% are in full-time graduate school
  • .5% have part-time employment or are in graduate school
  • Average starting salary is $54,628

Job Placement

Top employers are:

  • Barclays Capital
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Ernst & Young
  • Goldman Sachs
  • KPMG
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Vanguard
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students at graduation

Global Opportunities

Fifty-five percent of VSB students study abroad at some point during their four years. From a business standpoint, global success means the ability to successfully navigate many different cultures on a multitude of levels. International educational opportunities and global service experiences are woven into VSB’s innovative curriculum:

  • Study abroad programs, some with international internships embedded in the curriculum
  • Global Citizens Program during spring of freshman year
  • Global Leadership Fellows Program, involving further international coursework and additional study abroad, preferably in an emerging market
  • Summer programs in International Business and in Globalization, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Innovative Entrepreneurship in Shanghai, London, Rome, and Madrid

Leadership Opportunities

Preparing students to enter the global business environment as positive examples of ethical and responsible leaders begins early at Villanova. Students have opportunities to develop their leadership skills by serving on the executive boards of Peer Advisors, VSB Ambassadors, Student Business Societies, and VSB Week, as well as volunteering with Special Olympics, service break experiences with Habitat for Humanity, and other volunteer and service learning opportunities.

Alumni Network

VSB alumni enthusiastically and generously support current students by returning to campus to participate in networking events and panel discussions, establishing internship opportunities, and advising and mentoring students throughout their four years at VSB and beyond. VSB engages nearly 200 alumni, parents, and friends to participate in the school's advisory councils. Members of these councils assist the school with providing professional expertise and advice, feedback on undergraduate and graduate curricula, assistance with student recruitment and internships, and financial support. Alumni-established endowed chairs and professorships provide a pool of funds in perpetuity to support the teaching, research, and professional development of top scholars.