SBI Ambassadors

Please feel free to connect with any of our SBI Ambassadors – students who recently participated in SBI. They’d be happy to discuss their experience with you, and answer questions related to the program. Note that some of our ambassadors are pursuing a discipline-specific business minor since completing the SBI program.

The new class of Ambassadors will be added soon; keep an eye out!


Julia Walsh Headshot

Julia Walsh '16 COM

Fun Fact: I am the middle child as well as the middle of 19 grandchildren.

“SBI has impacted my academics here at Villanova in a way that extends beyond my business education. Through this intensive 10-week program, I learned how to work under pressure and manage a heavy course load at an accelerated pace. The study skills I gained from SBI have helped prepare me for all of my coursework to come at Villanova.”

Michael Miniconzi Headshot

Michael Miniconzi ’15 LAS

Fun Fact: My guilty pleasure is Double Stuffed Oreos.

"SBI was the perfect complement to my liberal arts studies and a truly rewarding experience.  The program helped expand my business acumen and helped me develop a knowledge base that will prove invaluable in the future."

Janine Perri Headshot

Janine Perri '15 LAS
English, History, Honors

Fun Fact: I hugged a beluga whale. 

“I chose SBI to complement my liberal arts education and teach me how to apply the skills I learned in the classroom to the ‘real world.’ My dual academic background offers versatility and a well-rounded college experience. Now I can combine my passion for language and communication with my interest in business through fields such as strategic communication or professional development.” 


Ginny Lee Headshot

Ginny Lee '16 COE
Civil Engineering

Fun Fact: I am already studying abroad from home, Korea, but I am also planning to study abroad next year in Ireland because I love travelling!

“I chose to do SBI because I thought it would be a great opportunity to learn about business basics, as I had no prior knowledge of business. SBI combined textbook instruction with the practical application of real-life skills such as professional communication. Even if I do not end up in business, I am confident that what I learned in SBI will be an advantage for me in any field.” 

Patrick McTish Headshot

Patrick McTish '15 COE
Civil Engineering

Fun Fact: I was a Pittsburgh Pirates fan before being a Pirates fan was cool!

"The Business Fundamentals course within SBI gave me a broad overview of the world of business as a whole. The course gave me the opportunity to better understand the essentials of business while applying those fundamentals to my civil engineering major.  It was helpful to touch upon all the subjects that would be covered over the course of SBI in order to get acclimated to them.  Coming from a non-business background, Business Fundamentals helped transition me into a business setting, and allowed me to ultimately succeed in completing the SBI program!"

Kristina Duarte Headshot

Kristina Duarte '16 COE
Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I went skydiving for my 18th birthday.

“My demanding engineering curriculum made it difficult to obtain a business minor over the academic year. A combination of an engineering degree with a business minor is a valuable asset that will broaden my future career options and help me become a well-rounded person. The SBI program has provided me with business basics that will serve me well in today’s dynamic economy and has enhanced my professional and communication skills. I cannot specifically say where this business minor will take me, but I am certainly more confident about my personal finances and the possibility of running my own business one day.” 

Drew Houser Headshot

Drew Houser '16 COE
Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I run marathons for fun.

“I enrolled with the hope of attaining a business minor while working with peers with similar interests. I learned valuable information in the classroom, along with how to write a winning resume, how to wear proper business attire, and how to perform well at an interview. The background I learned in SBI will help me manage my personal finances, prepare me for a managerial role in an engineering field, and fulfill my life goal of owning a restaurant. 

Priya Shah Headshot

Priya Shah '16 COE
Mechanical Engineering

Fun Fact: I have a yearly goal to overcome a fear by going on random adventures; starting with skydiving, zip lining, dare devil diving, jet skiing, parasailing, etc and plan on keeping this an ongoing goal.

“Over the course of this 10 week program, I learned the significance of networking; establishing contacts and building long-lasting relationships can take you a long way. In addition, through the Professional Success course, I learned more about helpful professional networking tools such as LinkedIn and GoNovaJobs.”


We are currently looking for Nursing SBI ambassadors!  If you, or someone you know, is interested, email us at!


Jiyoung Chun Headshot

Jiyoung Chun '15 LAS

Fun Fact: I enjoy making jewelry during my free time.

“I valued the positive learning environment that SBI created. In my Competitive Effectiveness class, I was able to work closely with a great group of peers and professors. I was able to apply my newly taught managerial and marketing skills to the assigned project and I hope to further pursue these skills into any future career opportunities that come my way!” 

Alexandra Kinnally Headshot

Alexandra Kinnally ’15 LAS

Fun Fact: I bring my SBI water bottle with me everywhere!

“I chose to take SBI to gain a new perspective outside of my background in the sciences. I enjoyed learning about the business world and feel that I gained great professional and life skills over the summer. Thanks to my foundations in business I am currently pursuing a minor in marketing.” 

Meghan Pawlak Headshot

Meghan Pawlak '16 LAS

Fun Fact: I live on a farm!

“My exposure to the fundamental principles of finance and accounting through the Financial Management & Reporting class played a crucial role in helping me better understand the world of business. I learned not only about personal finance tactics, but also how to navigate the financial statements issued by publicly traded corporations. I was able to apply this skill to my Competitive Effectiveness capstone project. Financial Management & Reporting taught me knowledge and skills that will continue to serve me well, both professionally and personally.”

Thomas Cox Headshot

Thomas Cox '16 LAS

Fun Fact: I have played the national anthem for Fenway Park. 

“I took SBI in order to complement my liberal arts education, and to enhance my financial literacy for my personal and professional development. After completing SBI, I am more confident professionally and more knowledgeable about the world around me. I believe that SBI has prepared me well for finding a job for next summer. I am also very interested in start-ups and entrepreneurship, and I could see myself applying what I learned in SBI to these industries after graduation.” 

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