practice interview options

the undergraduate career center, 117 garey hall, has three terrific options for practicing your interview skills.  yes, it's hard to do, and it can feel strange getting feedback on how you roll from someone other than your friends or parents.  but our most successful majors use this tool relentlessly to maximize their impact when interviewing. 

why don't you do the same, and tear it up on your next corporate visit. plus we know you look good in a suit, so why not wear it?


vsb/ucc practice with the pros

industry mock interviews with pros from the industry.  media and entertainment, advertising, sports marketing, you name it you can get experience.  pre-register for these event through handshake.


individual practice interview appointment with career center counselor

contact the front desk at the ucc (610.519.4060) and set up an appointment.  these are super nice people who are there to help you. take advantage.


interviewstream online practice interviews

compelete a practice interview online and have your results reviewed by an undergraduate career counselor. click here to get to this amazing resource.