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meet this year's theme: building your online brand profile

students, meet theme. theme, meet students.

this year's theme will help you create your online brand to make you stand out from the crowd when applying for internships and jobs. click on the link at left to see what you can do to make your presentation wow potential employers.  nice to meet you, too.


jobs recruiting now

just a few of the full time positions looking for applicants NOW on GoNova:

  • corporate sales, andersen windows, apply through corporate website
  • email marketing coordinator, turn 5, thru 9/21
  • business advisory services, grant thornton consulting, thru 9/21
  • coca-cola, regional sales leadership program, thru 10/1
  • inside sales, road runner recycling, thru 10/11
  • corporate sales, microsoft, thru 10/21
  • account coordinator, news america marketing, thru 10/5, on campus interviews 10/23
  • sales management trainee, tek systems, thru 11/12
  • account management trainee, tek systems, thru 12/1
  • sales and marketing or sales training graduate rotation program, hubbell incorporated (email caitlin butala,
  • vanguard accelerated development program, multiple positions, vanguard, thru 5/31
  • merchandise planning and allocation, toys r us, thru 5/31
  • future leaders rotational program, glaxo smith kline, thru 5/31

internships recruiting now

just a few of the companies looking for internship applicants NOW on GoNOVAJobs:

  • qvc, email marketing intern, contact kristen cheek at qvc,
  • pr intern, philabundance, email lindsay hughes at
  • pr intern, new york minute magazine, thru 9/19
  • campaign intern, citizens for hughes, thru 9/21
  • marketing intern, prosperoware, thru 9/30
  • corporate communications intern, philadelphia insurance company, thru 9/23
  • head of campus operations, off-peak inc., thru 9/23
  • marketing intern, markitechts, thru 9/23
  • coca-cola, regional sales internship prgram, thru 10/1
  • e-commerce intern, merion matters, thru 10/4
  • social media intern, sun and earth, thru 10/11
  • villanova sports marketing, video & integrated media internship program, villanova athletics, thru 10/11
  • communications intern, vu school of law, thru 10/14
  • campus rep, kaplan test prep and admissions, thru 10/15
  • communications intern, flowatch, thru 10/18
  • campaign intern, marjorie moskowitz for state representative, thru 10/18
  • marketing intern, planned parenthood, thru 10/18
  • marketing and communications summer associates program, university of pittsburgh medical center, thru 2/2 (
  • guerilla marketing intern, packback, thru 5/31
  • business services in management and communications CoOp, comcast nbc universal, thru 5/31
  • business product marketing CoOp, comcast nbc universal, thru 5/31
  • product launch group CoOp, comcast nbc universal, thru 5/31

use goNOVAJobs


don’t know how to use GoNOVAJobs? click here for some awesome, two minutes to get you started. in six  minutes, you are ready to roll. nothing could be easier.

need to get back into the job search groove with GoNova? here are the most functional searches you can do quickly on GoNova:

  1. search using one-click search
  2. search by clicking on “vsb internships” or "opportunities with upcoming deadlines" or one of the other quick searches
  3. or, search by employer tab in the upper right of the page
  4. search by keyword (click “more search options” to get to this): marketing, advertising, brand, sales, social media, digital

what is market u?

market u is the marketing department's central clearinghouse for marketing information.  use this site to supplement your weekly market u emails to find info on competitions, marketing news, career research and job leads.

Departmental Contacts

marketing department chair: dr. greg bonner,

marketing advisor: mr. rosario (bud) drago,

marketing advisor: dr. julie pirsch,

department assistant: mrs. mary kozin,



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