market u

jobs recruiting now

marketing and general communications

transperfect, account manager, thru 5/2

seiden, associate brand strategist, thru 5/7

two's company, product development and brand manager, thru 5/8

vanguard, client relations specialist, thru now

vanguard, processing associate, thru now

j&l marketing, promotions coordinator, thru 4/16

the five o’clock club (hr consulting), marketing coordinator, thru 7/1

business development and sales

7marketing, entry level marketing and sales, thru 4/25

professional sports publications, inside sales trainee, thru 4/29

yelp, sales development program, multiple locations, thru 5/1

transperfect, account manager, thru 5/2

major league soccer, sales trainee (session 22), thru 5/31

the ibis network account manager, thru 5/31

business analyst/marketing analytics

usa today, research analyst (NY or virginia), thru 4/29

advertising and media

advertising specialty institute, marketing manager, thru 4/23

mindshare, associate, advertising trading desk, thru 5/14

indeed, inside sales for online advertising, thru 5/30

advertising specialty institute, multiple positions, thru 5/30

steen outdoor advertising, advertising account executive, thru 7/4

fashion marketing

peach couture, e-commerce and social media product listing and content editor for fashion industry

Alice + Olivia, summer events department internship, thru 4/29

marketing research

dressler, marketing research specialist, thru 5/1


major league soccer, sales trainee (short term position), thru 5/31

digital and social

seer interactive, SEO associate, thru 5/3

seer interactive, PPC associate, thru 5/3

seer interactive, analytics associate, thru 5/3

dozen digital, digital marketing associate, thru 5/1

integrity staffing solutions, social media strategist, thru 5/6

division-d, digital media buyer, thru 5/10

mindshare, associate, digital investment (buying), thru 4/17

integrity staffing, social media specialist, thru 5/6

mindshare, associate digital insights, thru 5/16

division d, digital media buyer, thru 6/5

webpage fx, MULTIPLE OPPORTUNITIES, thru 6/30/16

event marketing

TTi, event marketing, thru 5/10

techtronic, event marketing specialist, thru 5/30

public relations

prosek partners, public relations development program, thru 5/2

need salary info?

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internships recruiting now

general marketing and communications

qvc, brand creative internship, thru now

volvo group north american, CoOp/Internship, thru 4/26

astra zeneca, brand communications intern, thru 4/26

two's company, marketing internship, thru 5/8

prosky, branding intern for startup, thru 5/14

LPGA, social media and marketing intern, thru 4/17

joojoo, sales and marketing intern, thru 4/25

fly in style, marketing intern, thru 4/30

brian communications/reel time media, creative and design internship, thru 5/1

braithwaite communications, marketing intern, thru 5/6

emarketer, marketing internship, thru 5/14

sabin vaccine institute, communications intern for sustainable immunization financing, thru 5/14

onewire/empa (private capital in emerging markets), marketing and communications intern, thru 5/15

brandlink communications, summer branding intern, thru 5/27

lawless jerkey, sales and marketing intern, thru 5/27

notify nearby, marketing and content intern, thru 5/31

notify nearby, business development and product strategy, thru 5/31

nbty, multiple summer internships, thru 6/6 (rolling acceptances)

sales and business development

reminder media, sales support intern, thru 4/29

notify nearby, business development and product strategy intern, thru 5/31

new york minute magazine, advertising sales intern, thru 5/17

vimbly, business development intern, thru 6/17


fashion week, blogger, thru now


finn partners, publicity internship, thru 4/30

supermoon, account management internship, thru 5/9

pro media group, advertising agency internship, thru 5/10

pro media group, advertising intern, thru 5/31

fox run group, pr and social media internship, thru 6/1

pro media group, advertising internship, thru 9/10

public relations

fly in style, public relations and community manager, thru 4/30

transperfect, production intern, thru 5/14

new york minute magazine, pr intern, thru 5/31

vimbly, copywriting intern, thru 6/17

digital and social

path interactive, digital marketing intern, thru 5/2 (apply now!)

chisel, social media intern, thru now

seer interactive, digital marketing internship, thru 4/15

LPGA, social media internship, thru 4/17

joojoo, sales, marketing and growth social media intern, thru 4/25

scharf group, social media management intern, thru 4/30

path interactive, digital marketing internship, thru 5/2

valley forge tourism bureay, digital marketing intern, thru 5/15

adventure daze, digital and social media internship, thru 5/17

20nine, social media intern, thru 5/23

new york minute magazine, social media intern, thru 5/25

notify nearby, marketing and content intern, thru 5/31

sports marketing

lpga, strategic partnerships internship, thru 4/17

marketing research and analytics

turnkey sports and entertainment, recruiting and database marketing internship, thru 4/29

generator media + analytics, summer internship, thru 4/29

event marketing

new england aquarium, event planning and coordination intern, thru 5/8


what is market u?

market u is the marketing department's central clearinghouse for marketing information.  use this site to supplement your weekly market u emails to find info on competitions, marketing news, career research and job leads.



Departmental Contacts

marketing department chair: dr. greg bonner,

marketing advisor: mr. rosario (bud) drago,

marketing advisor: dr. julie pirsch,

department assistant: mrs. mary kozin,

visit the clay ceneter for any and all career questions, and key CoOp info