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jobs recruiting now

just a few of the full time positions looking for applicants NOW on GoNova:

  • marketing EDGE nextgen leaders rotational program, the marketing edge, thru 3/28 
  • fingerpaint marketing (full service ad firm), operations and administration, thru 3/28
  • reminder media, multiple sales positions, thru 3/28
  • ampush (san francisco), media analyst, thru 3/28
  • cline davis and mann agency (cdm), brand coordinator, thru 4/11
  • downeast cider house, sales representative, thru 4/12 (they just won some philly addy awards)
  • power home remodeling group, sales management training program, thru 4/16
  • future leaders rotational program, glaxosmithkline,thru 4/16
  • aspire, business developer, thru 5/31
  • glenmede trust company, marketing associate (administration), thru 5/31
  • glenmede trust company, marketing associate (content distribution), thru 5/31
  • toys r us, merchandise planning and allocation, thru 5/31
  • sales development, yelp, thru 5/31
  • leadership development program, dominos pizza, thru 5/31
  • multiple positions, webpage fx, thru 5/31


internships recruiting now

just a few of the companies looking for internship applicants NOW on GoNOVAJobs:

  • south jersey industries, marketing summer intern, thru 3/27
  • six flags great adventure, public relations intern, thru 3/27
  • six flags great adventure, sponsorship intern, thru 3/15
  • campbell's soup, sales internship, thru 3/22
  • ampush (san francisco and nyc), multiple internships, thru 3/28
  • reminder media, multiple internships, thru 3/28
  • marketing EDGE summer intern program, marketing edge, thru 3/28
  • marketing edge and google, marketing imersion summer experience, thru 3/28 
  • viacom, multiple internships, thru 4/1
  • ams communications, public relations intern, thru 4/01
  • jenna communcations, marketing intern, thru 4/6
  • destination maternity, marketing internship, thru 4/16
  • destination maternity, social media internship, thru 4/16
  • destination maternity, digital marketing internship, thru 4/16 
  • saint-gobain (certain-teed), sales intern, thru 4/16
  • humanus corporation, community outreach and support intern, thru 4/16
  • humanus corporation, marketing intern, thru 4/16
  • make a wish foundation, marketing intern, thru 4/16
  • philadelphia freedoms, social media intern, thru 4/19
  • philadelphia freedoms, marketing and sales intern, thru 4/19
  • city of wildwood beach services, summer internship administrator, thru 5/12
  • arden theater company, arden professional apprentice program, thru 5/15
  • tourbillon alliance partners, getstackcup ambassador and development intern, thru 5/31
  • kipp philadelphia schools, kipp philadelphia schools intern, thru 5/31
  • crunchbutton, marketing intern, thru 5/31
  • mygradpad, brand ambassador, 5/31
  • eat well distribution, brand ambassador, thru 5/31
  • hulu, multiple internships, thru 5/31
  • philadelphia flyers, multiple internships, thru 5/31
  • man center for the performing arts, multiple internships, thru 5/31
  • progressive business publications, multiple internships, thru 5/31




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what is market u?

market u is the marketing department's central clearinghouse for marketing information.  use this site to supplement your weekly market u emails to find info on competitions, marketing news, career research and job leads.



Departmental Contacts

marketing department chair: dr. greg bonner,

marketing advisor: mr. rosario (bud) drago,

marketing advisor: dr. julie pirsch,

department assistant: mrs. mary kozin,



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