Spring Accounting Internship/Special Programs

Spring Accounting Internship (SAI) Program

The SAI program enables students to obtain in-depth, practical exposure to the accounting and business environment during the “busy season.” Accounting majors work full time at an accounting or related firm during the spring of junior year, earning six free elective credits. The program is designed so that students may complete up to 12 credits during the summer following their junior year, thereby retaining full-time student status and remaining on track to graduate in four years. Upon successful completion of the SAI program, many students are offered full-time job opportunities at the public accounting firms.

The planning process for students interested in participating in SAI begins in the spring semester of sophmore year.

International Internships

Students are encouraged to incorporate internship experience into their study abroad programs. Internships that are part of a study abroad experience are administered by the Office of International Studies. Credit approval for international internships is granted by the faculty chair of the appropriate academic area or faculty coordinator of the international program. Contact the Office of International Studies to learn more.

To access the VSB International Internship Guide, click here.

For SAI Information

Dr. James Emig
SAI Faculty Coordinator/Associate Professor of Accounting

Beth Cahill
Clay Center Assistant Director for Internships/CoOps, Student Outreach
(610) 519-5532