VSB students are encouraged to participate in at least one internship during their college career regardless of whether or not they receive academic credit. Internships are offered during the fall and spring semesters as well as over the summer.

Students who participate in an internship gain the following benefits:

  • Build networking relationships and develop professional contacts
  • Experience the organizational culture and how it fits with one’s career goals
  • Create potential full-time job opportunities
  • Gain an understanding of the industry, which enhances marketability on a job search
  • Develop professional skills (technical skills and soft skills)

The Clay Center provides assistance with the internship search and the academic internship approval process through the Rise to the Top: Internships/CoOps Educational Series and actively works with employer partners to present VSB students with internship opportunities appropriate for their interests. 

Click here for information on the Spring Accounting Internship Program and International Internships.

Earning Academic Credit for an Internship

Students may choose to earn (free elective) academic credit for an internship or they may be required by an employer to receive credit. To begin the process of securing academic credit for an internship, students should contact the Clay Center to schedule an appointment.

Internship Resources

The Clay Center at VSB and the University Career Center provide students with access to many resources helpful to students navigating the internship search process and applying for opportunities. Click here to access those resources.

Seeking summer internship housing in New York City? Click here for information on possible options.

Apply for academic credit for your internship

Internship Testimonial

Laura Durning

“…I am gaining a better understanding of not only the functions of Human Resources, but also the media industry…  My manager always makes sure I have enough work and constantly lets me listen in on phone conferences so I can better understand how the company works. This internship is teaching me exactly what a career in HR entails; every day is different. I am also happy to be gaining exposure and experience with upper-level managers and executives.” Laura Durning, Summer 2011 intern, Discovery Communications