Getting Experience

Experiential education is an integral part of the VSB curriculum. Every undergraduate student is encouraged to participate in externship/leadership programs and complete at least one business internship or CoOp experience as a means of gaining real-world experience and applying knowledge gained in the classroom.              

Participation in Externship/Leadership Programs, part-time or full-time internships and CoOp experiences provides students with valuable opportunities to:

  • Make the connection between business theory and practice
  • Gain insights into career interests and “test the waters” before committing to a specific career path or profession
  • Explore what it is really like to work in a particular industry or organization on a daily basis
  • Develop a competitive edge by having proven business experience to offer future employers
  • Earn a full-time job offer with an internship employer, as many organizations utilize their internship programs as a pipeline for entry-level hires

The Clay Center provides assistance to students around a variety of experiential education opportunities. The Rise to the Top: Internships & CoOps Educational Series informs students of available opportunities, prepares them to actively participate in the internship search, and provides appropriate support along the way.

gonova jobs icon

GoNOVAJobs is a web-based career management system through which the University Career Center and the Clay Center post internships, CoOps, full-time jobs, and summer and part-time positions available to students. All undergraduate students have an account. The username is the student’s full Villanova email (ex: and the password is their Banner ID. Freshman accounts are created in October. Click here for full details on GoNOVAJobs.

Fast Facts

  • 74% of employers prefer to hire candidates with relevant work experience (Source: National Association of Colleges & Employers /NACE 2014 Job Outlook Survey).
  • 65% of employers made full-time job offers to their interns (Source: NACE 2014 Internship/CoOp Survey).