Advisory Board

The VSB Mentor Program Advisory Board is comprised of VSB students, mentees and alumni mentors. This group provides feedback and organizes activities which enhance mentoring experiences. 

Advisory Board members are Mentor Program ambassadors. They choose to participate on the following committees:

  • Evaluation
  • Events
  • Marketing and Communication
  • Mentee Engagement and Training
  • Mentor Engagement and Training
  • Technology

Jennifer Albert '05

"The mentor program is important to me because I remember being an undergrad and not having many resources to bounce ideas, job offers and salary questions, etc. off of. Having someone who knows your career goals and skill set can be valuable in kicking off your career as well as once your career progresses”

Nicole Beshilas

Nicole Anderson ‘19

“Being from the Midwest, I appreciate the importance of networking relationships with business professionals in cities on the East Coast I may be living in someday. The Mentor Program has given me an opportunity to engage personally and professionally with Villanova alumni that I would not have had anywhere else.”

Jessica Andrade ’19

Jessica Andrade ’19

"I am so excited to be involved in a program that completely embodies the ‘Villanova Experience.’ The VSB Mentor Program has contributed so much to my professional and personal growth; I have a role model to whom I can turn for advice and guidance. My mentor is not just a connection, but also a friend, in the corporate world. I can’t wait to share my experiences and help others, both mentees and mentors alike, grow through this interconnected process!”“


Megan Coffey ‘18

"I would highly recommend the Mentor Program to all VSB students. It is a great way to get more involved on campus and learn more about everything career related from interviewing, to networking, to internships. Hopefully in the future, the Mentor Program will be expanded to include all Villanova University students. “

Erin Corcoran ’18

Erin Corcoran ’18

"The VSB Mentor Program is an excellent resource for career advice outside of faculty members. It is wonderful to hear opinions and feedback from someone who is actively working in your field of interest. I've had such an amazing experience with my mentor and truly believe that every Villanova student should be involved in this program."


Massimo Costantini ’19

"I have learned a lot from my mentor throughout our relationship; he has helped me figure out what career path is best for me and has guided me through the internship process. I joined the Advisory Board because this program has helped me tremendously and I want to see this program continue to expand and benefit other VSB students.”


Jenna Coyne ’19

"The Mentor Program is important to me because it highlights the values of the Villanova community in a way that is beneficial to both students and alumni. Students are always looking to learn as much as possible from the alumni, just as alumni are constantly seeking opportunities to give back to current students”

Morgan Falasca

Morgan Falasca '18

“My mentor and this program have helped me set career goals that I have never thought about or considered before. It has been an amazing experience so far and has made my time here at VSB one I will always remember.”

Sarah Furtek

Sarah Furtek '18

"I have learned so much from my mentor through the VSB Mentor Program but also from mentors that I have connected with informally. These connections that I have made have really shaped my professional development and personal growth. I joined the Advisory Board to make an impact and help other students develop connections and create similar positive experiences."

Kristin Gavin

Kristin Gavin '14

“I have been a member of the Advisory Board since its origination in the fall of 2013, and was the only senior on the board that was comprised of upperclassmen, under the dedicated leadership of Michele Gianforcaro.  I was so excited to hear about the limitless possibilities and potential of the VSB Mentor Program, and have been a witness to its rapid growth and development. I look forward to being a part of the continued success of the VSB Mentor Program, which is built upon a foundation of invaluable relationships that have been created – bridging the classroom and professional worlds.”  

Aileen Grogan

Aileen Grogan ’13

“The VSB Mentor Program promotes personal and professional growth for mentees and mentors alike. By fostering a positive, candid and encouraging environment for students as they navigate the start of their careers, this program is an invaluable resource for VSB students.”

Trina Kadakia

Trina Kadakia '14

“The value of a great mentor is not bound by time or by ability to tangibly give back. My best mentors were those who were along for the journey (the low points & the victories), sought to understand my weaknesses, and taught me how to better embrace my strengths. This incredible program facilitates relationships between people who care, connect genuinely, and mutually seek to help one another – mentor to mentee and mentee to mentor alike.”

Kara Kehoe

Kara Kehoe '99

"My passion is helping and coaching students on how to be successful in their career development. I'm proud to be part of the group that will shape the VSB Mentor Program."

Christine Kraft

Christine Kraft '92

“As a mentor in the pilot VSB Mentor Program, I found the experience to be both personally and professionally rewarding.  It afforded me the opportunity to reconnect with and give back to the University and share my experiences with young students, particularly as they were beginning to formulate ideas about their own career paths.  I am excited to now serve on the Advisory Board to help further evolve and shape the Program.”


Daniel Lee ’18:

"My mentor not only helps me explore different opportunities and career paths but, more importantly, is a great and reliable person who I can turn to for guidance on life as a professional. I joined the Advisory Board to continue to improve an already excellent program, as well as encourage other business minors to have a mentor in their life."

Megan McKown

Megan McKown '18

"The VSB Mentoring Program has given me the opportunity to connect and network with fantastic alumni and professionals. As a result of this, I have gained helpful insights from a mentor that is experienced in the field that I wish to work in."

Lukas Michaels

Lukas Michaels ’18

“Villanova has given me countless opportunities to do my best work and meet professionals around the country. Without the support of the Mentor Program, I wouldn’t have been able to reach my goals and help those around me. For me, joining the Advisory Board means I will have the chance to pay it forward.”

Spencer Miller

Spencer Miller '18

“Mentoring is a huge asset to both students and professionals in the business world; these two-way relationships help to build networks and expand opportunities.  I joined the Advisory Board so that I could promote the benefits of mentoring to other students and help them to succeed professionally." 

Kelly Mulvaney ’19

Kelly Mulvaney ’19

"The Mentor Program offers VSB students a wonderful opportunity to learn from business professionals. My mentor has offered advice and guidance that has helped me pursue opportunities in my field. I hope that as a member of the Advisory Board, I can continue to improve this extraordinary resource."

Phil Perrino

Phil Perrino '18

"It is impossible to overstate the value of having a personal mentor you can talk to when you have questions about internship/job applications. They've already been through it, and are eager to help guide you through the process."

Bridget Reilly

Bridget Reilly '10

“The Mentoring Program provides me the opportunity to help my mentee and the Business school advance.  It is a great privilege to see how much mentees have grown over their time at Villanova and the Mentor Program has allowed me to grow tremendously as well.  It continues to strength my connection to Villanova and my appreciation for my VSB education.”


Jessica Roberts ‘19

Jessica Roberts ‘19

“I love the VSB Mentor Program because it gives students the unique opportunity to learn from successful Alumni. I joined the Advisory Board because I could see the awesome impact it will have on not only myself as a student and future alumnus, but on future Villanova students as well.”


Bridget Reilly

Brian Ross '06

"The VSB Mentoring program has given me a chance to connect with a talented and highly motivated student to discuss school, internships, and the beginning of my mentee's career."


Veronica Santos

Veronica Santos '09

“Villanova has provided so many wonderful opportunities that have shaped me into who I am proud to be today.  It was important for me to stay connected to my alma mater and to give back in some way.  The VSB Mentor program keeps me motivated and inspired, just by knowing that I have a mentee who wants to follow in my footsteps.  As a member of the Advisory Board, I am excited to have the opportunity to further enhance the VSB Mentor Program.”

Vidhi Shah

Vidhi Shah '15

"I joined the VSB Mentor Program board the first year it started in pilot mode. It's been rewarding to see it grow every year and see the relationships we have been fortunate enough to help foster. My mentors throughout my life, whether it was while at Villanova or after I joined the corporate world, have been an inspiration and a guiding hand for all my questions and dilemmas. To be part of a program that encourages and forms these relationships has been a wonderful experience.”

Danielle Tantillo

Danielle Tantillo '18

“After graduation, I hope to be a mentor in the VSB Mentoring Program because of the positive impact it has made on my life. My mentor has become a sounding board for my academic and professional decisions I have made, and I want to one day do that for somebody else. Being part of the mentoring advisory board allows me to play a key role in shaping a program that will last for years to come.”

Jacqueline Tom

Jacqueline Tom '18

"The Mentor program gives me the opportunity to learn the details of my chosen career path as well as explore alternative ones. It is helping me build the skills needed to confidently enter the working world."