Women in Business Conference: Presenting Opportunities for Women (POW)


Pictured (Left to Right): Jennifer Ryan ‘17 VSB, Aminah Fawad ‘15 VSB, Sarah Choi ‘14 VSB, Jen Sullivan ‘11 VSB, Megan Baldwin ‘07 VSB, Annette Palen ‘16 VSB, Kathleen Negri ‘12 VSB, and Danielle Raniolo ‘09 VSB

The 2016 conference was the 10th Annual Women in Business Conference and featured 8 of 10 past Presidents. This annual fall conference brings together students, faculty, alumnae and distinguished business leaders to discuss challenges facing women in today’s business environment and provide an opportunity for networking. The Women in Business Society and the O’Donnell Center for Professional Development collaborate to host this program. All Villanova students are welcome to attend this annual event.