VSB Peer Tutors

vsb peer tutors

"The best thing about being a peer tutor is being part of something that embodies the Villanova message. Tutoring allows us to form a mutual relationship that benefits both parties as well as raises VSB to a higher standard. It's all about giving back to a community that has given us so much.” — Jordan Jawroski '17 VSB, Finance & International Business, VSB Peer Tutor

VSB Peer Tutors support the academic success of their classmates by providing drop in office hours and the option to schedule individual tutoring appointments throughout the semester for the following core business courses.  

  • VSB1000  Information Technology
  • VSB1015  Business Dynamics
  • VSB2006  Strategic Information Technology
  • VSB2007  Corporate Responsibility & Regulation
  • VSB2008  Business Analytics
  • VSB2020  Competitive Effectiveness
  • VSB2030/VSB2040  FMR I / FMR II
  • VSB3006  Managerial Accounting
  • VSB3008  Operations Management
  • ECO1001  Microeconomics
  • ECO1002  Macroeconomics
  • ECO3108  Global Political Economy
  • MAT1400  Business Calculus
  • MAT1430  Business Statistics

Participation in VSB Peer Tutors is by invitation in acknowledgement of a student's excellent academic record; tutors are selected through an application process and complete a comprehensive training program.

The VSB Peer Tutor Program is available to all VSB students. Students who work with VSB Peer Tutors report improvement in their preparedness, comprehension, and confidence as they approach their coursework.

Office Hour Schedule — view the 2015-2016 VSB Peer Tutor Office Hour schedule.

Individual Tutoring Appointments — Below is a list of courses and their corresponding tutors; view their profile, see who had your professors, and find their contact information. Please note, VSB1000 tutors are not available for individual appointments, but are available for walk-in Office Hour sessions on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings | 6:00-7:30PM | Bartley 1063

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