VSB Peer Tutors

vsb peer tutors

“The best part of being a tutor is helping other students in the community succeed in their studies. Being able to help other students is part of what it means to be a Villanovan.” – Samantha Testa ‘16

VSB Peer Tutors support the academic success of their classmates by providing drop-in office hours and the option to schedule individual tutoring appointments throughout the semester for the following core business courses:  

  • VSB1000  Information Technology
    • Office Hours only; Individual appointments not available
  • VSB 1015 Business Dynamics
  • VSB 2004 Financial Accounting
  • VSB 2006 Strategic Information Technology
  • VSB 2007 Corporate Responsibility & Regulation
  • VSB 2008 Business Analytics
  • VSB 2009 Principles of Finance
  • VSB 2020 Competitive EffectivenessVSB 2030/VSB 2040 FMR I/FMR II
  • VSB 3006 Principles Managerial Accounting
  • VSB 3008 Operations Management
  • ECO 1001 Microeconomics
  • ECO 1002 Macroeconomics
  • MAT 1400 Business Calculus
  • MAT 1430 Business Statistics

VSB Peer Tutors are student leaders with excellent academic records and are invested in helping their peers. This program is available to all VSB students. Students who work with VSB Peer Tutors report improvement in their preparedness, comprehension, and confidence as they approach their coursework.

Office Hour Schedule — view the 2016-2017 VSB Peer Tutor Office Hour schedule. Office Hour tutoring only available for: VSB 2030/2040, VSB 2004, VSB 2009, and VSB 1000.

Quick Tips for a Successful Tutoring Experience:

  • Identify the specific content area for which you need assistance
  • Work on the problems/assignments before the office hour or individual tutoring session
  • Bring assignments, books, laptop and any other materials you will need
  • Turn off your phone during the session
  • Develop an action plan for goals to complete between tutoring sessions

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If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Clay Center, Bartley 1054 at (610) 519-5532.