Sophomore Year

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Defining and Implementing your Strategy

Sophomore year is a time of exploration and involvement. This year, having experienced a broad overview in Business Dynamics, you will explore the different business disciplines in greater depth as you choose majors and minors and consider participation in internship and/or CoOp experiences, study abroad programs, and leadership opportunities. 

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Academic Success

There are many resources available to support your academic success at Villanova. Be sure to reach out to your Clay Center and peer advisors, attend your professors’ office hours, and utilize Gamma Phi tutoring and the academic support services in the Learning Commons.

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Major Selection

In January, students select a major and are assigned a faculty advisor from that academic department. To assist in your decision making, attend major exploration events, meet with your VSB advising team, and schedule an appointment with a career counselor to discuss major/minor requirements and career paths. 

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Getting Involved

There are many ways to become involved in the Villanova community. Consider leadership, service, professional development, and international opportunities to broaden your perspective as you make choices and decisions about your future.