Curriculum Overview

image of students with the news

VSB is nationally recognized as a top business school and a pioneer of curricular innovation. VSB’s highly integrated, rigorous curriculum, infused with team teaching, guest speakers, simulations, global perspectives, and hands-on semester-long projects, highlights the skills of effective leaders and emphasizes innovation and openness to change as fundamental business and personal skills. Students study the fundamentals of business, explore new issues in real time, and complete corporate projects. All students have access to an online subscription to the Wall Street Journal which is incorporated into their classroom experience.

The curriculum provides students with the two most distinctive components of a Villanova business education: outstanding technical business skills and an emphasis on the liberal arts in the Augustinian tradition. All business students take core liberal arts courses including English, Humanities, Philosophy, Theology, and Natural Science, along with in-depth study in their major fields of business. These further develop writing, critical thinking, and creative problem-solving abilities. The combination of business and liberal arts courses teaches students to lead responsibly and understand the larger context of global business.

A unique aspect of the liberal arts curriculum is the ACS course. The Augustine and Culture Seminar (ACS) is a small discussion-based class. ACS focuses on the heart of human experience: Who Am I? What does it mean to be human? How should I interact with the world around me?

Through a wide range of options for major and minor courses of study, along with international study opportunities and technological resources including the internationally recognized VSB Applied Finance Lab, students are empowered to push themselves and reach their academic potential.