Backpack to Briefcase

image of students at a presentation

Backpack to Briefcase is an innovative curriculum designed to holistically prepare students for success and leadership in business throughout their four-year VSB experience.

Integrating career and professional development concepts into the VSB curriculum guides students in developing a thoughtful approach to preparing for the next step after graduation.

At VSB, continuous professional development is incorporated in the classroom throughout the curriculum. Each year, students are presented with opportunities to learn and develop professionally as they prepare themselves for graduation and entrance into the business world.

Freshman Year:
Assessing the Environment
As part of the required core business course each semester, students attend and reflect on three professional development-related activities, as well as develop and submit a professionally critiqued resume. Critical written communication techniques and evaluation are incorporated into the Professional Development Component.
Sophomore Year:
Defining and Implementing Your Strategy
VSB sophomores participate in a one-credit seminar, either in the fall or spring semester, in which they learn important topics such as interviewing skills, the internship/job search process, business ethics, networking, and business etiquette.
Junior Year:
Gaining a Competitive Edge
VSB juniors enroll, either in the fall or spring semester, in a standalone professional development course built around an internal case competition. Topics integrated into the course include written and verbal business communication techniques, presentation skills, business research methods, core business skills, team dynamics, and leadership.
Senior Year:
Capitalizing on Your Investment
VSB partners with the university-wide VU Seniors Program—a series of social, professional, and spiritual activities designed to unify the senior class while preparing them for life after graduation—to further enhance the co-curricular and career programming for graduating business students.