Professional Development

The goal of the Graduate Career Management office is to find the best avenue of presenting career management and professional development programming in a timely nature and allow the students to use these new competencies in a manner which best utilizes their education and is beneficial to their personal career development.

We understand that students are at different stages of career development. Some may be sponsored by current employers and not require job search programs while some may be career changers and require a significant amount of front-end coaching. To accommodate for this range of career and professional development needs, Graduate Career Management has adopted a standard career development model and plans career and professional development programming to address the needs of the students at different any of these stages.

The Career Development Model

Career Development Model

The Professional Development Program (PDP)

The Professional Development Program (PDP) is designed to enrich the graduate classroom experience and prepare students for success in the competitive financial services job search process. This required component to Villanova’s MSF summer semester provides students with the confidence and skills needed to successfully navigate the fall recruitment cycle.

Included in the program are a series of workshops, such as networking, interview techniques and resume building, as detailed below.

Additionally, the program is composed of panels featuring leading industry professionals as well as VSB alumni who return to share their experiences. Finally, the program allows students an inside look at how major financial institutions operate through our annual "Working on Wall Street Day."

Professional Development Programs Include:

  • Day in the Life: Rookie Finance Alumni Panel
    A dedicated panel of recent graduates working at investment banking firms, and in corporate finance and financial operations roles share tips to successfully navigate the job search process and handle workplace demands.
  • Building a Recruitment Plan & Strategy
    This workshop identifies the best practices for developing a job search strategy and what students should be doing during the summer to prepare for on-campus recruiting in the beginning of the fall semester.
  • Resume Workshop
    Hear firsthand what makes a resume stand out and the importance of keeping resumes updated for networking purposes. This workshop allows you the opportunity to have an individual resume review with industry professionals and representatives from the Career Center
  • Networking Skills Workshop
    Interactive networking workshop and presentation, covering the basics of making professional connections, proper networking etiquette, and the value of joining professional associations.
  • Working on Wall Street
    Corporate site visits followed by a panel and networking reception hosted by the Villanova Financial Club, a group of alumni who work on and around Wall Street.
  • Interview Skills Workshop
    Learn interview techniques from an expert in the financial services area.
  • Mock Interview
    "Practice with the Pros" are mock interviews with real-time feedback from financial services professionals.