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One Full-Time Summer and Hybrid Courses

Our unique structure is centered on a 12-week summer semester where you complete more than half of the degree in a full-time format. Fall and spring semester courses are delivered on a flexible distance-learning schedule, allowing students to complete the 30-credit degree while working or participating in an internship—all in as little as 12 months. Following the summer session, most MAC students proceed to sit for sections of the CPA exam during the fall and spring semesters.

Who should apply to the MAC program?

If you are a college graduate (BS or BA) with an accounting major, you can enroll in the MAC program without taking additional undergraduate courses. If you have a business degree in another subject area, you may be eligible for the program, but will require additional pre-requisite courses prior to applying. 

  • Average age of MAC students: 23 years
  • Average GPA: 3.5
  • Average work experience: 1 year
  • Average GMAT: 590-600*

*The GMAT/GRE is optional for applicants, but may be requested by the admissions committee to strengthen an application. Significant emphasis is placed on prospective students' undergraduate Accounting grades.

What will you study?

The MAC curriculum is interdisciplinary, integrating far more than just accounting. Courses including Negotiation, Ethics & Relationship Management, Performance Measurement, Fraud Examination and Forensic Accounting, and Financial Risk Management will help you acquire a deeper understanding of complex business issues.

The MAC program of Villanova, while not designed to be a CPA review, does combine the necessary topics and accounting theories needed to successfully prepare for the exam.

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Why the Villanova School of Business for your MAC?

The Villanova School of Business offers a world-class business education that can be attained while pursuing your career goals. Our MAC program combines the crucial elements of superior business education:

  • A demanding and challenging course of study—combining core business practices, cutting-edge concepts from the constantly changing business world, and a deep grounding in responsible leadership.
  • Faculty members who are highly regarded as teachers, researchers, and scholars, with a wide range of professional experience. They teach in an adaptive learning environment where the focus is on helping students learn how to better themselves, their organizations, and their communities.
  • Your fellow students, who will engage you with their intellect and passion for learning. 
  • A reputation of excellence in Public Accounting: the Villanova School of Business is nationally recognized in delivering highly prepared accounting students.

MAC to MBA Option

To assist their transition into leadership roles, MAC graduates may later apply for admission into the MBA Flex Track program and transfer twelve of their MAC credits toward their MBA degree.

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