Villanova MAC students are in great demand amongst the Big Four and regional accounting firms. While many enter the program committed to employers, the rest of the Mac class utilizes Villanova’s strong relationships with accounting firms to perform internships or seek full-time positions in jobs such as audit or tax accounting.  Of the students of the Class of 2012 who were seeking employment in accounting, 96% secured a job before graduation. MACs focus their efforts on either securing a spring internship or full-time position upon graduation. The majority of Villanova MAC graduates choose to start their career in one of the Big Four firms.

Opportunities to network with on-campus firms are planned and scheduled for the students, from picnics to formal meet-and-greets —leading to multiple touch-points with key recruiters and accounting executives, beginning in the on-campus portion of the program in the summer and continuing throughout the fall recruiting season.

Some facts about the Villanova MAC program:

  • Armed with a strong academic background, as well as sharp job searching skills, and business savvy, 70% of MAC students participating in a job search received job offers (both internship and full-time offers) through a school-facilitated source.
  •  The MAC students participate in a lock-step professional development program (PDP). The PDP—which consists of job search help, resume support, networking, and other career management tools—is focused on preparing MACs for Villanova’s On-campus Recruiting Program (OCR) .

The combination of our comprehensive curriculum, PDP, dedication of staff, and high caliber of students prepare MAC students to meet the real-world, real-time challenges of global business and the accounting industry.


Companies that have an active recruiting presence on campus:

  • BBD Crowe
  • Deloitte
  • Ernst & Young
  • Grant Thornton
  • Horwath
  • JH Cohn
  • KPMG
  • McGladrey
  • ParenteBread
  • PwC

Master of Accountancy Class of 2015 Quick Facts

  • Percent of MAC Students entering the program with job offers: 50%
  • Offers at 3 months after graduation: 100% (2 students not reporting)
  • MACs in job search program who received an offer through a school facilitated source: 70%
  • Average Salary 2015: $57,250
  • Average Salary 2014: $53,500
  • Sample Companies that hired MAC students:
    • EY (7 students)
    • PwC (4 students)
    • KPMG (3 students)
    • McGladrey (3 students)
    • Deloitte (3 students)
MAC Salaries
MAC Hires Chart
MAC Hires Chart
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Success through the Job Search Program

98% of 2013 MAC graduates seeking full-time employment have secured a job before Feb 1st through the Job Search Program.