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The goal of the Graduate Career Management office is to find the best avenue of presenting career management and professional development programming in a timely nature and allow the students to use these new competencies in a manner which best utilizes their education and is beneficial to their personal career development.

We understand that students are at different stages of career development. Some may be sponsored by current employers and not require job search programs while some may be career changers and require a significant amount of front-end coaching. To accommodate for this range of career and professional development needs, Graduate Career Management has adopted a standard career development model and plans career and professional development programming to address the needs of the students at different any of these stages.

The Career Development Model

Career Development model

The Professional Development Program (PDP)

The MAC PDP is designed to enrich the graduate classroom experience and to prepare students for a career in accounting.

Professional Development Programs Include:

  • Day in the Life: Rookie Accounting Professionals Panel
    A dedicated panel of recent graduates from the Big Four and regional accounting firms share tips to successfully navigate the job search process and handle workplace demands.
  • Resume Workshop
    Whether employed or seeking employment, this workshop helps students understand the importance of a well-written resume and how to network.
  • CPA Exam Preparation
    In this session, a leading CPA firm discusses the prerequisites for the CPA exam and provides insider tips to prepare for the exam.
  • Networking Skills Workshop
    This interactive networking workshop covers the basics of making professional connections, proper networking etiquette, and the value of joining professional associations. The workshop is followed by an opportunity to practice these newly learned skills in a constructive and relaxed environment.
  • Philadelphia MAC Alumni Networking Event
    Hosted by a Big Four accounting firm, students connect with MAC alumni in the Philadelphia metropolitan region to gain firsthand knowledge of how our alumni successfully leveraged their MAC degrees in their professional careers.

MAC Job Search Program

Whether you're on the path to securing an internship or a full-time job upon graduation, you have the option to participate in the MAC Job Search Program, a lock-step process dedicated to providing the tools needed to successfully navigate the job-search process.

The Job Search Program Includes:

  • Building a Recruitment Plan & Strategy Workshop
  • On-campus recruiting for spring internship or full-time employment
  • Resume Week: A week dedicated to sharpening and finalizing your resume which will be used during the fall recruitment process
  • "Meet the Firms" networking event with alumni
  • "Practice with the Pros" mock interview

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