Flex Track Curriculum

The global business landscape is changing rapidly, and an MBA will help you stay ahead of the curve. At VSB, we are committed to providing a learning experience that equips students with the skills to innovate, adapt, and lead in a world that is in constant flux. That’s why we redesigned our MBA curriculum based on direct feedback from alumni, current students, corporate leaders, and subject-matter experts. This collaboration resulted in a selection of classes that emphasize a practical, real-world education and promote work across disciplines. So whether you’re considering studying at our Center City or Villanova campus, rest assured that you will receive a world-class business degree taught by our internationally -recognized faculty.

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MBA Flex Track Course Map

Flex Track students may begin their MBA program during the Fall, Spring or Summer semsters. See a sample MBA Flex Track course map below.

Semester One
MBA Primer 1.5 credits
Leadership Challenge I 1 credit
Performance Measurement & Global Accounting 3 credits
Semester Two
Analyzing and Leveraging Data 3 credits
Business Ops in the 21st Century 1.5 credits
Team Leadership & Group Dynamics 1.5 credits
Semester Three
Corporate Investing & Valuation 3 credits
Leadership Challenge II 1 credit
Seminar I .25 credits
Semester Four
Strategic Marketing Management 3 credits
Information Technology as a Strategic Lever 1.5 credits
Ethical Business Practices 1.5 credits
Semester Five
Management for Innovation & Creativity 1.5 credits
Global Political Economy 1.5 credits
Elective 1 1.5 credits
Seminar II .25 credits
Semester Six
Elective 2 1.5 credits
Elective 3 1.5 credits
Social Enterprise Consulting Practicum 1.5 credits
Seminar III .25 credits
Semester Seven
Elective 4 1.5 credits
Elective 5 1.5 credits
Elective 6 1.5 credits
Elective 7 1.5 credits
Semester Eight
Elective 8 1.5 credits
Elective 9 1.5 credits
Global Consulting Practicum 3 credits
Seminar IV .25 credits
Semester Nine
Global Strategic Management 3 credits
Elective 10 1.5 credits

MBA Fundamentals
Courses that prepare you to begin your studies and focus on your professional development.

Functional Core
Building-block courses designed to develop your core knowledge and skills in areas such as accounting, finance, marketing, economics, and applied statistics. The foundation courses provide a strategic viewpoint in each discipline to benefit professionals from all backgrounds.

VSB Pillars
Courses that represent the four pillars of academic excellence upon which VSB is built. Each 1.5-credit course, from Ethics to Innovation, Technology and Operations, relays the most current and relevant information.

Consulting Practicums
Two consulting projects allow for real-time application of newly acquired skills and serve to tie the practical Villanova MBA to local, national, and multinational organizations.

Current Topics in Business Seminars
Single evening seminars on timely business topics taken throughout the MBA program.

A total of 15 elective credits are taken throughout the MBA program. Six of these 15 elective credits must be from cross-functional courses that cover two or more disciplines and emphasize the importance of thinking beyond functional silos. All elective courses count toward an area of specialization. Elective courses within the Fast and Flex Tracks can be flexibly scheduled. To receive one or more specializations, students must complete 7.5 credits (or half of their elective courses) in one area, such as marketing.

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