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Use of business intelligence and quantitative methods, including statistical analysis, visualization, data mining, predictive modeling, optimization and simulation in the context of organizational decision making and problem solving.

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Finance & Firm Value

Learn the fundamentals of finance, the “heart” of an economy. Become exposed to key definitions, ratios and calculations used in valuation, and apply the learning in hands-on classroom exercises. Understand the basics of risk management and its impact on firm value.

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Financial Statement Analysis

Explore the impact of various decisions on financial statements and various financial performance metrics. Learn to look beyond the numbers in analyzing firm goals and value creation, financial health seen through financial statement quality, and what can’t be seen directly through financial statements, and learn how to work with financial data in making decisions.

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Explore the reality of an increasingly frictionless world, where entrance barriers are low and startups/entrepreneurs can compete with established companies on a global scale like never before. Understand what this means for market incumbents who must leverage their most plentiful competitive advantage – their intellectual capital from within.  Learn how to navigate the innovation ecosystem to create value for your company.

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Understand and discuss the concepts of collaboration—how it happens and the stages of evolution of high-performing teams—while learning strategies for generating social capital and leveraging social networks. Use this information to identify how to become a collaborative leader and match leadership style with context.

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Learn how companies create internal and external value by expanding into the marketplace. Look at new product/service and new market (customer) development strategies, and examine the concepts of adoption and diffusion in the marketplace. Understand the key components of branding and positioning. Learn how to build brand equity in a dynamic environment by exploring strategies for building the bottom line while maintaining a customer focus. Learn the importance of integrating marketing communications. Understand which tools drive brand awareness and which tools drive sales.

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Performance Measurement

Review basic business processes and how they create stakeholder value. Recognize the importance of complementing traditional financial performance measures with non-financial metrics in evaluating strategy execution, and design performance metrics unique to organizational strategies and goals. Learn how performance measurement relates to innovation and world-class performance.

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Explore the foundations of strategic management with a focus on achieving sustainable competitive advantage in increasingly competitive markets. Understand how to drive growth and change, and how to set and execute a new direction.

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