Graduate Business Programs Student Roundtable

What is the Villanova Graduate Business Programs Roundtable?

The Villanova Graduate Business Programs Student Roundtable (GBSR) is a student-run organization dedicated to improving the overall experience of all Villanova graduate business students through coordinated events that focus on professional, social, and philanthropic themes. To accomplish our mission, we leverage the strengths and backgrounds of our diverse student body to deliver content that adds value to each Villanova graduate business student’s experience and benefits the University and surrounding community.

Structure and Membership

The GBSR is comprised of the following clubs:

  • Professional Development Club: Devoted to helping students obtain “life & career skills” not learned in the classroom.This group has organized multiple events including guest speakers, on-campus recruitment assistance and a business etiquette dinner.
  • Women in Business Club: Formed to help promote and advance the career development of female business professionals.Club participants also have the opportunity to become members of the National Association of Women MBA’s (NAWMBA).
  • Philanthropic Club: Works to improve Villanova and its surrounding communities through sponsoring fundraisers for local charities, participating in local charitable events, and also sponsoring social activities for the Villanova MBA Community.Past sponsorships include: Special Olympics, Greater Philadelphia Cares and the CHOP Safe Kids Coalition.

Most students get involved with our organization by joining one of these three clubs in their first year. As students demonstrate active involvement and leadership within their clubs, they will be considered for leadership positions on the Board of Directors. The 2013-2014 GBSR Board Members are:

GBSR Events

The GBSR sponsors multiple events throughout the year designed to foster interaction between all graduate business students at VSB. Examples of these events are:

  • Happy Hours
  • Women in Business Luncheon
  • Villanova Day of Service
  • Villanova Homecoming
  • Villanova Special Olympics
  • Holiday Party & Fundraiser