Center for Marketing and Public Policy Research

The Center for Marketing and Public Policy Research tests the intended and unintended consequences of government regulation on business, consumers, and society. The center leverages Villanova’s strong international reputation, faculty, and executive network in the business and policy arena to provide research that guides business and regulatory processes while giving students unique networking and consulting experiences that accelerate their career development cycle. The center also encourages development of unique curricular initiatives with its Advisory Board. In 2010, the center expanded into a series of Strategic Business Units (SBU’s) led by Villanova faculty.

Students have opportunities for professional development through the center’s Ambassador Program. The domestic program seeks to give students a unique experience in Washington, D.C. through continuous engagement with Capitol Hill, while the international program sends students to Rome for a series of high-level business and political meetings, client interactions, and internships in organizations such as the Italian Parliament.

Policy-Based Research

The nationally recognized Center for Marketing and Public Policy Research at the Villanova School of Business is a respected outlet for scholarship and leadership on marketing and public policy issues. The center’s mission is to provide research that guides sound policy incorporating the perspectives of business, regulators and policy-makers, consumers, and future business leaders.

The Center for Marketing and Public Policy Research engages in several activities to fulfill its mission:

International Journal of Advertising (IJA)

The center is the academic home of the International Journal of Advertising (IJA). The journal publishes original contributions on all aspects of marketing communications from the academic, practitioner and public policy perspectives. Learn more about the International Journal of Advertising.

Faculty Research

Faculty members within the center are respected thought leaders who examine issues across a broad range of industries. They conduct high-impact research incorporating perspectives from multiple disciplines. Faculty members are supported by an impressive advisory board comprised of diverse leaders from business, government, and academia. Learn more about center faculty research.

Conair International Ambassadors Program

The Conair International Ambassadors Program, founded in 2008 by Mr. Lee Rizzuto, combines high-quality internships with the Italian business and governmental community, preparatory coursework and in-class consultancies. The program is based in Rome, Italy and is led by Faculty Program Coordinator Michael L. Capella, PhD. Learn more about the Conair International Ambassadors Program.

Center Sponsored Internship and Consultancy Programs

The Washington, DC Internship Program provides Villanova students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of the intricacies of legislative and regulatory federal government processes through public policy advocacy while giving them an introduction to a high-level DC corporate and governmental network to utilize for job searches upon graduation. Learn more about the Washington, DC Internship Program.

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John C. Kozup, PhD

Center Faculty Receive Top Research Awards

Charles R. Taylor, PhD
American Academy of Advertising Lifetime Achievement Award

Ronald P. Hill, PhD
2012 Villanova University Outstanding Faculty Research Award

Jeremy Kees, PhD, and John C. Kozup, PhD
American Marketing Association Thomas C. Kinnear Research Award

Learn more about center faculty awards.