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The center supports research and scholarship on global leadership throughout the world. We do so in the belief that the business and educational communities will benefit and learn from the information we provide. The center provides grants for faculty and curricular development, sponsors summer research grants for faculty to conduct field research and develop original case studies related to international business, and provides faculty and staff support for study abroad.

Center faculty associates are pursuing research projects in the following areas:

  • Global leadership
    This project, led by center faculty associate Narda Quigley and center director Jonathan Doh, examines the nature and qualities of global leaders. Approximately one hundred seventy social scientists and management scholars from 61 cultures/countries representing all major regions throughout the world are engaged in this long-term programmatic series of cross-cultural leadership studies. Professor Quigley was involved in this project as a post-doctoral researcher with Professor Robert House of the Wharton School, the founder of the study, and continues her work at VSB. In the class, Professor Quigley integrates traditional leadership theory with GLOBE findings, and invites practitioners with experience in major world regions to share insights regarding leadership styles and approaches around the world.
  • Offshoring in the new global economy
    This project, led by center director Jonathan Doh, examines the patterns and impacts of offshoring around the world. It focuses on the range of country and industry factors that cause firms to offshore certain activities to specific locations and also explores the social, economic, and ethical aspects of offshoring.
  • Corporate–nongovernmental organizations (NGO) engagement
    This project, led by center director Jonathan Doh, examines the role of NGOs in the social responsibility strategies of multinational corporations (MNCs). Particular emphasis is on collaboration by NGOs and MNCs to achieve mutually identified social and economic goals in emerging economies. The first phase of this project, which includes case studies and frameworks to understand the role of NGOs in MNC social responsibility strategies, has resulted in several papers published, including a recent piece, NGOs and Corporations: Conflict and Collaboration, by Michael Yaziji and Jonathan P. Doh.

Research Excellence Awards/Working Paper Series 2010/2011 Round

Villanova’s Center for Global Leadership promotes ethical and responsible global leadership for the betterment of business and society.The center invites Villanova faculty to submit their research for possible inclusion in our annual Working Paper Series. The center rewards the authors of high-quality research papers in the areas of global leadership by providing $1,000 research excellence awards. The winning papers are selected after rigorous blind-peer review.  If accepted, authors will also present their research at the Center’s Research Seminar to be held at the end of the Spring semester. Given the importance of global leadership in all of today’s rapidly changing business environments, authors from all business disciplines (e.g., accounting, economics, decision and information sciences, finance, management, marketing) are encouraged to submit. The paper must have a clear relationship to some aspect of global business and/or responsible leadership, broadly defined. This is a selective and competitive process.  Among the topic, inter alia, that will be considered for the series are:

International Supply Chain Management International Legal Issues In Business Global Communication and Leadership
International Corruption and the Economy Global Leadership & Diversity Global Technology
Emerging Economies Managing Change Internationally International Accounting and Auditing Standards
Global Corporate Social Responsibility International Marketing Global Responsibility in Financial Decision-making
Cross-cultural Challenges Political and Institutional Ris Foreign Exchange Volatility

Papers must be unpublished, original research efforts that are suitable for dissemination to internal and external constituencies.  Papers may be under review at journals so long as they have not yet been published. Working papers can include contributions from Villanova and non-Villanova scholars and researchers, and we encourage contributions that reflect collaboration across Villanova departments and disciplines. The $1,000 awards are reserved for Villanova faculty. In addition to your paper submission, please include a short cover note that briefly describes how your paper relates to the center’s mission.

Please submit your paper to: Narda Quigley, Management Department, Villanova School of Business, Room 2081. Electronic submissions should be sent to All papers will be subject to a rigorous double-blind review process. Decisions will be made by the center’s research awards sub-committee (headed by Narda Quigley) after review of the referees’ reports and possible revisions of papers in response to those reports. The deadline for submission for the 2010/2011 round is December 3, 2010. Award winners will be announced on or about February 11, 2011, and authors will be required to present their papers at the Center’s Research Seminar Series in April/May of 2011 and prepare a summary of their research findings for posting on the center’s website and distribution at the seminar. If you have questions or need further information, please contact Narda at the email address above.

International Travel Support Grants

The Center for Global Leadership is pleased to announce a program for the support of faculty committed to integrating global business perspectives into their research, teaching and outreach through international experience. Per faculty grants are limited to $1000 except in cases where faculty are engaged in activities related to categories 4 and 5 below. For those activities, per faculty awards can be granted up to $2500. (Faculty may choose to apply funding up to $1000 for activities under categories 1-3 and an additional $1500 for activities under categories 4 and/or 5). The center is prepared to provide funding on a competitive basis for the following faculty activities:

  1. Attendance at foreign language institutes/language emersion programs.
  2. Participation in professional international business (IB) conferences even if not presenting a paper. These may include faculty development in IB programs such as those offered by numerous Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER).
  3. Auxiliary faculty travel support for presenting a paper at an IB conference.
  4. CGL sanctioned foreign IB travel (e.g. developing new/modifying existing foreign academic programs, establishing academic contacts, etc.).
  5. Expenses associated with establishing a foreign faculty exchange of interest to CGL/VSB.

CGL funding policies:

  1. A short proposal must be submitted outlining the activity, amount requested and use.
  2. The center will consider other funding proposals on a case-by-case basis.
  3. Faculty may submit funding proposals totaling $1000 during any academic year except in relation to activities under category 4 or 5 above, in which case total awards may be made up to $2500.
  4. All award recipients will be required to submit a request for payment, including a short description of the activity and receipts, within 30 days of completion of travel.
  5. If a faculty member requests money to attend a conference to present a paper, he/she [1] must have exhausted the departmental travel allowance, and [2] the conference must have a recognized professional affiliation or sponsorship.

All VSB full-time faculty may submit a proposal and are invited to do so. Proposals should be sent to Jonathan Doh and will be accepted and funded on a rolling basis.

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