CGL Stakeholders

Sharon Ballard
Program Coordinator, Centers of Excellence

Kim Cahill
Director, Center for Global Leadership

Jonathan Doh
Center Faculty Director, Professor, Management & Operations

Michelle Casario
Center Faculty Associate Director, Assistant Professor, Economics

CGL Stakeholders

Etienne Achille
Assistant Professor, French

Debra Arvanites
Assistant Professor, Management & Operations

Aronte Bennett
Associate Professor, Marketing

James Bierstaker
Associate Professor, Accounting

Levi Brautigan
Assistant Director, Office of Education Abroad

Kathy Byrnes
Student Life, Global Citizenship Community

Liz Campanella
Director, Office of Education Abroad

Michelle Casario
Assistant Professor, Economics

Lucy Chen
Assistant Professor, Accountancy & Information Systems

Q Chung
Associate Professor, Accountancy & Information Systems

Kevin Clark
Associate Professor, Management & Operations

Kurt Davies
Assistant Director, Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowship

Denise Hanes Downey
Assistant Professor, Accountancy & Information Systems

Brighid Dwyer
Director, Office of Multicultural Affairs

Diane Edelman
Director, International Programs, Professor, Widger School of Law

Jordan Ermilio
Adjunct Professor, Engineering Service Coordinator

Jim Gallo
Director, Center for Church Management & Business Ethics

Melinda German
Associate Dean, Villanova School of Business

Catharine Giancatarino
Assistant Director, Service and Justice Experiences

Brendan Glackin
Major Gift Officer, VSB Development

Lowell Gustafson
Associate Dean, Humanities & Social Sciences

Masako Hamada
Director, Asian Studies, Associate Professor, Japanese

Karyn Hollis
Director, Concentration in Writing and Rhetoric; Associate Director, Cultural Studies Program; Associate Professor, English Department

Maghan Keita
Director, Institute for Global Interdisciplinary Studies, Professor, History

Christopher Kilby
Professor, Economics

Wen Mao
Professor, Economics

Ruth McDermott-Levy
Director, Center for Global & Public Health, Associate Professor, Nursing

Rebecca Monro
Executive Director, Graduate & Executive Programs

Satya Pattnayak
Director, Latin American Studies Program, Professor, Political Science

Louise Russo
Director, Health Professions Advising, Associate Professor, Biology

Pritpal Singh
Professor and Chair, Electrical & Computer Engineering

Catherine Stecyk
Assistant Director, Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowship

Brenda Stover
Executive Director, Professional Development, The O’Donnell Center

Cathy Toner
Director, VSB Communications

Suzanne Toton
Associate Professor, Theology & Religious Studies

Andrea Welker
Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Hubert Whan Tong
Assistant Director, International Student Services

Catherine Wilson
Associate Professor, Public Administration

Miron Wolnicki
Associate Professor, Economics