Transformative Consumer Research

Transformative Consumer Research

Call for TCR Applications

Villanova University, USA
May 31 - June 2, 2015


Julie L. Ozanne, University of Melbourne and Virginia Tech
Brennan Davis, Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo

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Theme: “Transformative Intersections”

The 2015 Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) conference organizers are seeking applications for the next TCR conference to be held at Villanova on May 31-June 2, 2015. Applicants selected to participate in the conference will commit to: (a) working with their track’s group members on pre-conference work preparations; (b) engaging in focused dialog about the track’s topic at the conference, (c) presenting a summary of the track members’ ideas at the end of the conference, and (d) contributing to post-conference activities, including publication opportunities. There will be opportunities for submitting to a special journal issue. For those people unfamiliar with the dialogical TCR conference, please see the special issues of Journal of Public Policy & Marketing (spring 2011) and Journal of Business Research (issue 66, 2013). Please carefully read this call because significant changes are occurring.

Important Pressing Social Problems

The conference will have tracks structured around intersections of some of the most pressing global problems. Each track will consist of 8-10 people who commit to working on the social problem throughout the entire time of the conference, and before and after it as well. Rather than the traditional conference in which the expertise of a few people is explored, these dialogical tracks seek to explore the distributed intelligence across a group of people who possess a shared interest in the transformative consumer topic. Additional information on TCR and dialogical conferences can be found on the ACR website.

Two New Innovative TCR Track Themes

New to the conference this year, there will be two track types, explained below. However, note that applications are only open for Track 1 at this time. Track 2 participation was determined as part of the track proposal process that was open earlier in summer 2014. Please consider submitting a track 2 proposal for TCR 2017 in summer of 2016!

1) Tracks at the Creative Intersections of Social Problems

In the past, we have supported tracks in the following substantive issues and areas including poverty, developing markets, sustainability, health, food well-being, ethnicity, vulnerability, addiction, transformative services, transformative methods, materialism, social justice, and immigration. In 2015, applicants will apply to tracks at the intersection of these and other social topics.

Social problems do not exist in neat siloes but are complex, overlapping, and multi-faceted. Moreover, while past TCR conferences have built social networks, these networks will grow and strengthen by bringing together more diverse researchers, advocacy groups, and practitioners to work at the intersection of social problems. Given that this new track explores opportunities at the intersection of social problems, we imagine that track sizes will be smaller (around 6-8, but not larger than 10), including track chairs.

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2) Innovative Tracks for Action and Engagement

These tracks experiment with new ways to do team-based research toward real transformation and are aimed at either furthering empirical work in key substantive areas, deepening engagement with key stakeholders, or developing action components. Unlike the dialogical tracks, Track 2 involves longer-term projects. There is no open call for track members in these experimental tracks.

For information on the specific Track 2 topics click here. Again, note that applications are only open for Track 1 at this time. Track 2 participation was determined as part of the track proposal process that was open earlier in summer 2014. Please consider submitting a track 2 proposal for TCR 2017 in summer of 2016!

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Catalytic Research Relationships

We will select participants who have demonstrated some sustained interest in the track’s identified social problems. Since most of the tracks are intersections of social problems, the sustained interest may relate to one or more aspect of the track. With an eye toward incorporating diverse perspectives, we seek people from different regions of the world and backgrounds. Applicants with different levels of experience are encouraged to apply (this format is the more grassroots, bottom-up process that was used in Baylor University at TCR 2011). This conference continues the practice of reserving spots for junior scholars, including doctoral students, to help create mentorship opportunities and build capacity.

The application should include a 300-500 word statement of your research vision in PDF format as well as a separate CV in PDF format. Note that each applicant may apply to no more than two tracks, and each application should be tailored to each track’s topic.

The deadline for submissions is: October 1, 2014. Decision notification will be sent no later than October 24, 2014.

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