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Church Management Certificate Webinar Series

The Center for Church Management & Business Ethics, in partnership with Our Sunday Visitor and AmericanChurch, Inc., is offering the Church Management Certificate Program webinar series. The series of 12 web seminars is designed to allow busy pastors, priests, business managers and other church administrators to participate without having to leave the privacy of their home or office.

Attendees will hear presentations and view materials from national experts on topics ranging from website design and legal issues to parish security and pastoral planning. Those attendees who attend all 12 webinars and complete the additional coursework will receive a Certificate in Church Management from the Center for the Study of Church Management at Villanova University. The additional coursework consists of twelve 3-5 page papers, one for each webinar session, in which participants must apply the material covered in the webinar session to their church management situation. The paper must be submitted within two weeks of the conclusion of the webinar session.

The webinar series is designed to help church leaders of all denominations deal with common temporal problems. Webinar participants will learn how to use those resources as effectively as possible to meet their ministry goals. Most of the topics can be expanded into more detail through additional webinars. Individuals who are not concerned with earning a Certificate in Church Management may register for only those webinar sessions that they find to be of interest. Click here for more information and to register for the webinar series visit.

About Our Sunday Visitor

Our Sunday Visitor serves millions of Catholics worldwide through its publishing, offertory and communication services. Established in 1912 by a local priest, Our Sunday Visitor has grown into the nation’s largest supplier of offering envelopes, parish and diocesan mailings, books, periodicals, curriculum, address management and stewardship services. Our Sunday Visitor is a not-for-profit organization, returning a portion of net earnings back to the Catholic community through the OSV Institute. For more information, visit the offertory solutions website.

About American Church, Inc.

Founded in 1902, AmericanChurch, Inc. (ACI) is a leading supplier of offering envelopes, printed and web communications, and mailing services to churches and organizations. Through years of experience, ACI understands the unique challenges of churches and non-profit organizations. We strive to offer products and services that meet these needs to achieve desired goals. Our products and services continue to grow to meet the changing demands of our society. For more information, visit the AmericanChurch website.

Church Management Certificate Program - Webinar Series

October 24, 2013
Stewardship and Best Practices

With Dr. Charles Zech

November 11, 2013
Leadership Development

With Dr. James Klinger

December 4, 2013
External Communication

With Jay Einspanier

Janurary 8, 2014
Church Websites

With Dr. William Wagner

January 29, 2014
Human Resources

With Dr. Carol Fowler

February 19, 2014
Civil Law

With Dr. Michael P. Moreland

March 12, 2014
Church Budgeting

With Michael Castrilli

April 2, 2014
Social Media

With Steve Hewitt

April 24, 2014
Analytics for Evaluating Church Performance

With Dr. Charles Zech

May 14, 2014
Strategic Planning

With Mark Mogilka

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